Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just For Fun...

When we were in our apartment in Manhattan, I regularly measured and marked the children's growth on one of the walls in our dining room. Yes, I marked up the wall (in pencil) with reckless abandon, knowing that our building repaints everything when someone moves out anyway. It was fun to watch just how much the boys grew over the just over 2-year period we lived there.

Now that we're in our own house again, I was a little reluctant to mark up the dining room walls. I finally decided on a somewhat hidden "wall" that is actually the side of a column in the children's reading area in the basement. The fact that it isn't super visible lets me feel free to mark it up with names, dates, and little measuring lines to my heart's content.

Just for fun, I found a site online that lets you enter your child's current height and current age (in years and months) and spits out a prediction of your child's future height. The one I used is here. Here are my boys' predicted future heights:

Joshua--currently 4' 11" predicted 5' 10.5"
Jonathan--currently 4' 10" predicted 6' 1"
Jordan--currently 4' 1" predicted 5' 10"
Joseph--currently 3' 9.5" predicted 6' 1"
Josiah--currently 3' 1.5" predicted 5' 11"

Now how's that for completely useless but still kind of fun information? :) I'll have to try it again in 6 months or so and see if they are still on the same track. By the way, going by the standard "split the difference between the parents' heights" method, all of our children should be about 5' 10" as adults. It'll be interesting to see if any of them actually end up taller than Daddy!


Annalia said...

Wow, you're going to have some tall kids.
I'm predicting...
5'8" for Anthony
4'11" for Sofia
5'3" for Annika
5'6" for Jon
5'8" for James
5'1" for Cozy
I'll have to see what your site says.

Annalia said...

Make sure your "t"s don't have seams down the sides...I've had the best luck finding extra large mens tees like this. Mine are almost all from GOodwill, when mens clothes (including 99 cent tees) were 50% off. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great idea...my dad used to do that to us and I'd forgotten all about it! Great blog by the way :D

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