Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!

Okay, I'll admit it...I totally failed on Valentine's Day this year. Yes, my wonderful husband bought me a big box of chocolates and a sweet card, and yes, my dear children gave me a card as well, filled with sweet words in their adorable chicken-scratch writing.

But...I did NOTHING!

I guess I could give you the excuse that I am just barely recovering from a nasty cold/sinus infection (NOT fun), and that all that lovely coughing and drainage only serves to exacerbate that wonderful thing we call morning sickness. But it's still only an excuse. And I still felt guilty as heck when Jordan, upon seeing there were no treats on the table at breakfast, promptly and happily guessed, "Oh, I know, Mommy! You're planning on surprising us at lunch time instead!"

I owe them big time.

Jeremy had a meeting in the city Monday night, so we decided to celebrate Tuesday evening instead. We do not yet have a baby sitter out here, so our "date" consisted of putting the kids to bed early (with a movie--a real treat for them!) while we enjoyed a nice meal for two at home. The initial plan had been to pick up take-out, but then Jeremy offered to pick up filet mignon and lobster tails at the grocery store--AND cook them himself!

So that's what we did. It was super yummy!

Know what's sad, though? I added it all up, and the cost of the homemade pizzas I made for the kids' dinner, plus the filets, lobster tails, and veggies for our meal, came out to LESS than it costs for our family of 8 to eat out at McDonald's. Seriously. Makes me really sad at all the money we've wasted over the years eating fast food for convenience, when we could've been eating gourmet at home. Oh, well! Well have to work on that...

Now to leave you with some random extreme cuteness, courtesy of the 2 littlest Js...

And just to let you know, I'm planning on doing a MUCH better job of spoiling my children at Easter!!


Linda Tunnell said...

Oh my goodness Jenny please don't be hard o0n yourself. Kids needto have something to talk about in later years. Like, "remember that valentines day that mom didn't do anything for us!!". See.... we had a 4th of July that the kids all talk about.We went downtown Houston to listen to concert in the park and cannons going off, Rachel threw up all over Jim. We went home and told the kids if they nwere good on the way home we'd stop and buy firew orks. They weren't and we didn't. They never forgot it!lol

Anonymous said...

Valentines isn't meant for kids surely? I thought it was about pressuring men into doing something romantic once a year!! lol
Now Easter...thats for the kids AND the adults :D

Annalia said...

It's true..I'm still bitter about that 4th of July! ;) ...and I've passed the story of it on to my children (as a warning!)

Really, all I did for the V-Day this year was make pancakes for breakfast (something I used to do every day)...on cute heart plates that we DO use every day. Somehow it was enough.

Joanna is getting so big! Do you know if you're expecting another girl? My votes are for Joelle or Jessica (just because I know so many awesome girls named Jessica).

Annalia said...
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