Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh, The Irony!

This is our third winter living in a snowy climate, but only our first where disposal of said snow is actually up to us. We've purchased 3 snow shovels (well, mostly because the boys LOSE them, grrr!) and we really only clear the sidewalk that leads from the porch to the driveway--which is all of about 25 ft. long--and the area immediately in front of the garage doors. The 1200 ft. long driveway is done by a hired snow plow.

Any time it snows, one or more of the boys is assigned the job of shoveling that little sidewalk. We're about guaranteed to hear any or all of the following:

"Aww, it's too cold!"

"It's too hard!"

"I did it last time!"

"Why doesn't ____________(Joshua, Jonathan, Jordan--fill in the blank) EVER have to do ANYTHING?!?!"

But grudgingly or otherwise, they do make sure the job gets done.

So imagine my surprise when they chose to use all of their outside time this week to do THIS:

What you are looking at here is a snow maze. Yes, the boys who think they will die if they have to lift a shovel full of snow off of the sidewalk have, of their own free will, shoveled a 2-acre maze into our front and side yards. Go figure.

Jonathan and Joey walking the maze. I'm told there's an easy, medium, and difficult way out.

All I know is next time my sidewalk needs shoveling, I'd better not hear ANY complaints!!


Annalia said...

I guess it's always easier to do things you WANT to do.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so clever! You should be a writer. The next Erma Bombeck.

Allette said...

I agree- I love your journaling and blog posts. It will be easy to convert your posts to a digital scrapbook and have it published!

Gotta love the moaning and groaning when they think it's a chore vs. playtime!

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