Thursday, February 17, 2011

A New Quilt Project...

I'm doing what I told myself I'd stop doing--starting a new project before finishing the current one. I finally got the back to Josiah's quilt pieced, after realizing that the original backing fabric I had purchased wasn't going to be big enough alone. Apparently I'm not as good at math as I thought I was. His quilt is sandwiched together and basted...all ready for quilting.

So of course it makes perfect sense that I spent my last couple hours of sewing time cutting up these:

Yes, this fabric is girly to the extreme. I purchased this (and a whole lot of other girly stuff) last February when Joanna was only a couple months old. What can I say, though? After having 5 children in just under 9 years and not being able to buy a single pink flowery thing for ANY of them, I was bound to go a bit overboard when my first girl finally came along!

I've been putting off using this because I couldn't decide which item on my mile-long list of Designs I Want To Try Someday to actually make with it. One of the items on my list is a disappearing nine patch, so when my friend Shana posted a picture of the beautiful disappearing nine patch she is making on Face Book recently, I was inspired to go ahead and cross that item off my list.

My stack of fat quarters yielded the pile of 5" squares above, as well as these strips and rectangle scraps, which will someday be used for something else. Oh, the possibilities!! In case you're wondering, the fabric pattern is Birdie by Me & My Sister for Moda. I love the pinks, greens, and chocolate brown!

I'm thinking I'll go ahead and piece my squares, then while I mull over how exactly to arrange them for the final quilt, I'll go back and finish Josiah's. And I'll try not to even LOOK at all the other fabrics in my stash that are calling my name until these are done!!

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Annalia said...

Cool! Can't wait to see your progress..on both quilts.
I'm trying really hard not to start anything new until I finish a few things. It's painful.

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