Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Quest For an Organized Mud Room--Please Help! :)

As many of you know, we moved into a new house back at the end of September. We got settled in fairly quickly, then went through the rounds of 2 holidays and 4 birthdays. Now that things have settled down and we're beginning a new year and all, it's time for HOUSE PROJECTS!

I'm making a room-by-room list of everything I want to fix up. Our house was move-in ready, so there aren't any really major repairs to be done--I'm mostly talking about changing some paint colors here and there, and then furnishing/decorating to make it really fit our lifestyle and needs. And of course I'll be trying to do all of this on a budget! I'm thinking about tackling one room or area each month.

The first area to tackle is the hallway we're using as a mud room. It's between the garage and the kitchen, and is basically what would be the continuation of our wrap-around porch. As such, it has a whopping 5 doors to work around--1 into the garage, 1 (open doorway) into the kitchen, 2 that go to either end of the porch, and 1 into the 1/2 bathroom. Here are some pictures...

Looking from the kitchen to the garage door...
(For size perspective that's all 13-inch tile.)

The exterior door here goes to the back side of the porch, and the door on the left goes into the half-bath...

Opposite view--this door goes to the front part of the porch, and is our main entrance. We have a "formal" front door that goes into the foyer/entryway, but we rarely use it.

From the front porch looking in...we have one 5-peg coat rack (only for children's coats--adults are in the foyer closet) a small shelf for shoes, and a large milk crate on the floor for hats, gloves, scarves, etc.

Just inside the garage door...

Looking from the garage door to the kitchen...

The main problem is that we have way too much stuff that needs to be in here, and no workable way to organize it. Right now, the boys are outside in all their snow gear, so this room looks pretty clean. Normally, the floor is COVERED with wet/drippy snow boots, snow bibs, and an explosion of stuff that has to be carefully stepped over to get in or out! It's a MESS!

So, I need IDEAS!!! And they need to fit in this space, lol! Oh, and I've pretty much already decided that the door to the back porch can be sacrificed--I'm totally willing to put something in front of that door for storage, and make everyone walk around to the front porch side to enter the house. Anyway, this is what I need:
1. Hanging space for 6 children worth of coats.
2. Hanging space for 6 children worth of snow suits.
3. Space for shoes and snow boots, preferably in such a way that they can drip-dry over something other than just making puddles on the tile.
4. Space for more logical storage of hats/gloves/scarves/etc. Right now they're in a bin on the floor, which really means they're usually strewn all over the floor.
5. Storage for other outdoor stuff (like umbrellas) would be nice as well.

Here are the dimensions of the room--
1. The length from back porch door to front porch door is 13'4".
2. The width of the hall between the bathroom door and the current coat rack is 3'7".
3. The width of the wall with the front porch door is 6'11".
4. The width of the wall with the garage door is 5'3".

So come on everyone, hit me with your best ideas!! I know it's going to be a tight fit, but I'm sure it can be done! I promise to post after pictures when it's all fixed up! :)

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Annalia said...

I'm always overwhelmed by snow clothes! ...and coat pegs and a bin for hats is as far as I've ever gotten with fixing the situation.

maybe you could find one of those coat rack/bench/storage things? I have a friend who found one at big lots (or tj maxx).

I think you should get one of the floor mats my sister has in her car for the boots. They can hold up to a gallon of water. :)

Good luck!

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