Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I've been making a point this week to set aside an hour during nap time each day to sew. I figure it's good for my sanity to do something I enjoy AND slowly but surely have something to show for it as well. Not that I don't enjoy teaching my children and keeping up with household tasks, of course, but it's nice to do something that's both fun and completely not required. No pressure! :)

It's also a good thing to use up some of my quickly-growing fabric stash. My husband has finally noticed that more fabric is coming into this house than is turning into finished products. So if taking time to complete projects will make him happy, well, then it's a sacrifice (he he he) I'm totally willing to make!

Here is my disappearing 9-patch progress so far...obviously the "disappearing" part hasn't happened yet:

It looks solid in the picture, but it's really just nine 9-patch blocks so far...I'm just slapping them up on the wall as I complete each one, then I'll cut them up and rearrange them later. I'm finding that I can make 3 blocks in each hour-long sewing session. This includes time spent redirecting my home schoolers who are supposed to be doing their reading, as well as wrangling the occasional little one who decides naps are optional.

Here is the back third or so of (what will soon be) my super-fabulous craft room! It's in our finished basement, and is open to the play room, which makes it very convenient to use while the children play. I have grand plans for this space!!!

I made myself a makeshift "design wall" over the weekend, which I am loving so far. I had a big piece of flannel yardage that I'd bought to line some Christmas stockings, then didn't use it after all. Yes, it's just stapled to the wall, with the extra hanging down the side. :) I want to use it for a bit and decide 1) if this is the size I want and 2) if this is where I want it to live permanently. Once I know what I want, I'm going to use molding of some sort to make a frame around the permanent version, so it looks more decorative and "meant to be there."

I'll post more pictures of the quilt-in-progress when I have all the patches done and rearranged. I'm hoping it won't take longer than a week or so to get to that point!


Annalia said...

You have my dream basement - play and craft area. I really want to put up a design wall, but I'm not sure where I could (without getting in trouble)....then people wouldn't walk thru my quilt layouts - kicking pieces as they go.

Your quilt is looking beautiful, even without the disappearing!

Allette said...

That is definitely a DREAM! I am so thrilled at what God has done! You are so deserving of a gorgeous home to rear all those beautiful darlings! I'm SOooo happy for all of you!

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