Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home Made Play Dough

I've been very lazy lately (okay, so ever since we both moved and found out I was pregnant in the same month) about keeping my preschoolers constructively busy while the older 3 boys do their school work. I do have a decent arsenal of educational activities for the younger set, but unfortunately those activities are tucked away in a closet somewhere.

At least I'm assuming they are. I guess I should take some time to go track those things down...

So a few days ago when my blogging buddy Annalia wrote this post about pulling out (and organizing!) her kids' play dough, I was inspired. Joseph and Josiah LOVE play dough, and poor deprived little Joanna has NEVER even had the opportunity to try it out!

So I made some for them!

"This is FUN, Mommy!"

"Mmmmm, tasty!" (I don't really recommend this...)

I think I surprised him with the camera!

"Look what I made!"

I make our play dough. (Okay, in the interest of full disclosure the purple play dough in the photos above is left over from a Christmas present and is not home made.) It is super easy-peasy to make, and only takes a few minutes. Best of all, the kiddos can help to make it, if you and they are so inclined! Our recipe is in this post from a couple years ago, along with instructions and pictures. Boy, I'd forgotten how little Jordan and Joey were then.

If you try out our play dough recipe, please come back and let me know if you liked it! :)

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