Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kitty Love

Joanna loves anything she can cuddle. She is constantly dragging around some stuffed animal or another, or her little baby doll. She stops regularly to give her lovies sweet little kisses. (She puts her little mouth on their faces and says "Mwah!"--so cute!) She then brings them to all of us in turn and expects us to give them kisses as well. It's really adorable to watch her big brothers humor her by kissing her babies!!

She is especially thrilled to get to cuddle with one of the real kitties any chance she gets! It's a good thing we have a very tolerant cat. Isn't this just precious?

(This last one is my fave!!)

The boys were never like this...they enjoy their (rather large) collection of stuffed animals as well, but are much more likely to divide them into armies and have battles with them! Yep, boys and girls are definitely different!


Annalia said...

...no doubt - different from the very beginning! I never believed it until I had my own children.

Dang! Where do you find cats like that? Any cat we've ever had would have fataly injured an affectionate toddler.

Annalia said...

P.S. Joanna is ubersweet!

Jenny said...

Thanks, Annalia! Oh, and our other cat isn't nearly as friendly--some of the boys, particularly Joey, have gotten their fair share of scratches!

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