Monday, February 21, 2011

Because They Have to Eat...

One of the many things I really enjoy doing for my family is cooking homemade, healthy meals. I love making our tried-and-true favorites, as well as regularly trying out new recipes that I find in cookbooks, magazines, online, and even occasionally on TV.

Except when I'm pregnant.

Now, often what "sounds good" to me varies wildly from day to day, and more often than not when dinner time rolls around I'm scrambling to figure out what to feed all these hungry people around me. I try to get dinner going (or at least figured out) during nap time, but lately I've been finding myself using that down time to surf Facebook, sew something, or even clean. (Yes, I've been on a big cleaning kick lately--go figure. And it's WAY too early to be nesting!)

Oddly enough when my husband comes home in the evening and asks what's for dinner, he doesn't appreciate when I answer "I have no idea, but I got a lot of fabric cut and washed all the windows in the living room."

Something or other about priorities, I think. Another thing pregnancy hormones mess with big time...

So, because people around here have to eat, I've got to step it up and cook more. And because I never know what's going to sound good, I can't just wing it--I've got to have a plan. I'm going to make and post a weekly meal plan, and do my best to stick to it!

I've come up with 4 things I'm going to work into each weekly plan--
1. Once a week make something double for the freezer
2. Once a week make a crock pot meal
3. Once a week have a meal that was previously prepared from the freezer
4. Once a week do something super easy, quick, and cheap (think spaghetti, etc.)

So without further ado...

Week of February 21-27:
Monday--Bean soup (using a leftover ham bone)--extra to freeze
Tuesday--Chicken and lentils
Wednesday--Lasagna--from the freezer
Thursday--Beef and veggie soup
Friday--Aztec chicken with rice--crock pot meal
Saturday--homemade pizza--super easy, quick, and cheap
Sunday--Tuna casserole

So there you have it. Now that I've written it out for all the world (okay, so maybe the whole world doesn't read my little blog) to see, I just HAVE to stick with it, right? I hope will make my husband and children, as well as all their tummies, MUCH happier!!

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Gina said...

I have had the same problem with meal time! Nothing sounds good to me, so by the time donner roles around there is nothing to eat! I should follow suit and have a plan ahead of time! Thanks for the inspiration!

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