Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome to Our Home Sweet Home (part 2)

Welcome! Jordan, my good little helper, will hold the front door open for you!

This is our foyer/entryway. To the immediate right (unpictured) is the little hall/room that leads into the kitchen. To the right in the picture is the dining room. The door on the immediate left is our coat closet. You can see the door into the hall, bedrooms, and bathroom on the far right, and on the far left you are looking into our living room.

Peeking into the dining room...we'll come back here later!

This picture turned out terribly blurry, but this is looking from the foyer into the living room. We finally have it gated to keep Joey the wonder mess-maker either in or out depending on where we are at the moment.

The living room from the doorway. Joshua is sitting at the table that used to be in our playroom back in Austin working on a history project.

Looking from the windows back to the entrance of the living room. We bought the cabinets behind (in front of?) Joshua for much-needed storage...one is full of board games and kids' videos, one is full of miscellaneous household "stuff," and one is full of my scrapbooking supplies. :)

Looking back down the foyer from the hall door side. We don't wear shoes in the house, so we use the two slatted shelves under the long, narrow table for shoe storage.

Looking from the dining room into the foyer and the "shoe keeper" (as we call it) table.

Here's the dining room, which also doubles as our school room. This is definitely the most "lived in" room in our apartment, as far as how it looks on a day-to-day basis! That's my desk and chair against the wall. The boxes are all of Jeremy's office things...he just needs to find an office space to put them all in! The posters on the wall are school-related.

The other wall. The wicker bins on the shelving unit keep toys and school supplies out of sight. In the back corner sits our chest freezer and in front of the window is Josiah's swing. In the foreground is, of course, our dining table.

Looking from the windows to the other side of the room...

Here's our hall, which doubles as our library. The door at the very back is the bathroom. On the immediate right is the boys' room, and our room is around that little corner at the very back right.

The hall from the bathroom end. The door on the right is a tiny closet. The door is regular size, but when you open it up there is about 8" of shelf space then a wall that comes to the door.

Stay tuned for part 3, where I will show you around the bathroom and master bedroom. They're uh, needing a little TLC at the moment, but I will take those pictures soon!


Stefanie said...

I like your shelving unit with the wicker baskets that you have in your dining (ah yes, of course, that is where you eat! D'oh!) Is that from IKEA?

Jenny said...

Yep, we went a little Ikea crazy when we first moved here. I'm used to being able to stuff everything in closets or in the playroom (where it didn't really matter if it looked cluttered) so we had to get creative when we moved here!

G. said...

looks like a nice little place you have there! Bigger than what I expected a NYC apartment to be! I really like the shelving with the wicker baskets. I could use something like that.

Grandma and Peepaw said...

I love your place. Chris told us it was really cool and in such a nice part of Manhattan. It looks like you are really settled in. Can't wait to see it in person.

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