Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 Ithaca, NY

note: This is the second of several "catch-up" posts...I'm posting them chronologically oldest first and dating them in the titles.

Jeremy had a meeting in upstate NY, so the boys and I went along for the ride. On the way back home on Tuesday, we stopped in Ithaca, home of Cornell University, so that Jeremy could meet with a campus minister there. We waited in the parking lot while he had his meeting in a cafe that was part of a large grocery store. We needed to eat lunch, which I do NOT like to do in the car with messy boys, so we drove over to what looked like a grassy area at the far side of the parking lot. What we found was actually a grassy area next to a beautiful little stream complete with ducks! We got out of the car and ate our sandwiches, although I think much of the boys' sandwiches was fed to the ducks!

In the interest of saving space here, since I have about a bazillion photos to post from the past week-and-a-half, here are some of the highlights in a slideshow:

After eating and feeding the ducks, we drove back to where we were originally parked so Jeremy would be able to find us again when he was done. We had some school work that still needed to be done, so here we are "Car Schooling."

Silly Jordan!

Jordan entertaining his baby brother!

Once Jeremy joined us again, we were off to pick apples! (See next post!)

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