Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The BIG Monthly Shopping Day Is Over!!!!!

Yay! We'll be eating this month, LOL! Of course, we always eat, but after today, I'm rethinking just how much of it we really need...as in is shopping for it and getting it into our apartment really worth this much trouble?!
We started off this morning going to the bank to get me added to the accounts Jeremy opened when we moved here. We just hadn't taken the time yet to both go together. That ended up taking a lot longer than we expected, but soon the boys and I were in the car and off to Hackensack, NJ to go to Costco. I'm still learning my way around, so I made a few wrong turns, but we finally made it. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that Costco doesn't take credit cards and had forgotten to get the debit card from Jeremy, so I spent about 45 minutes (with Jeremy on the phone helping) trying to locate a branch of our bank to withdraw cash. After that, we grabbed Micky D's for lunch and headed to Costco.
Josh, Jordan, and Joseph were in rare form (not in a good way, LOL) so the Costco trip was pretty much chaos. I was pushing Josiah, Joey, and Jordan in one basket while Jonathan pushed the food basket, but once the food basket got close to full, it was way too heavy for Jon to maneuver. So we switched. And things went downhill. Fast. From the boys' perspective, it was just a giant party involving wheels that could be made to move very quickly. From my perspective, well the best thing I can say is that no displays were actually knocked OVER and no ankles were actually BROKEN.
We made a quick side trip to Stop and Shop for the non-bulk items we need for the month, then headed home. Thankfully, traffic going into Manhattan wasn't bad at all, even though it was about 5:15 by the time we reached I-95. I made it home, double-parked in front of our building, and called Jeremy to come help us drag everything inside. While we waited for Jeremy, Josh and Jon and one of our wonderful doormen carried things inside and left them by the apartment door, then when Jeremy came I got the rest of it inside while Jeremy parked the car.
Whew! So glad that is over!! I miss the days when I could shop once a week and it wasn't an all-day ordeal! I guess this is something I will get used to over time, though. After all, we have to eat!! (or do we...)
Dinner's done and eaten...we had taco salad so all I had to do was brown and season ground beef, then throw all the fixin's on the table-yay!! Now I'm off to Starbucks--a mocha frappuccino is definitely in order!

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Kathy Castor said...

Girl, you got "MOXIE" (guts!)! I so admire you get up and go--our fearless Jen! I cannot imagine, first of all---COSTCO with five kids!; secondly, what it must be like not to pull in a driveway/garage and take your groceries in. Do you have a parking garage or did Jeremy just have to drive around until someone else moved??? What a grand adventure you guys are having!!!!! Memories your sons will not forget!

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