Saturday, September 20, 2008

All's Well That Ends Well!

As you can probably tell from my previous post, Friday was a pretty busy day, what with trying to get our normal school work done while also switching out all the children's seasonal clothes. For busy days like this, I like to keep meals in the freezer so I don't have to cook--just pop a casserole in the oven. I like to specifically make meals for my freezer, but since I haven't had time to do that yet since we moved here, I bought a couple Costco lasagnas to have on hand. I had invited my brother Chris and his friend Morgan, who are staying at our apartment but are pretty much keeping their own schedule to eat with us. While they were still trying to decide what they wanted to do, I went to remove my finished lasagna (which was smelling pretty yummy) from the oven. It was not meant to be. I'm still not sure exactly how it happened, but I managed to let the cookie sheet it was on slip and my lasagna ended up on the floor:

I was almost in tears. I can't say which was worse...the disappointment of ruining my yummy-smelling lasagna or the painful burns from trying to catch the lasagna as it fell. (Tip--never try to catch a falling fresh-from-the-oven lasagna in your lap as it falls. You will NOT save the lasagna. You WILL, however, burn yourself AND acquire cool orange stains on your best jeans.)
I guess I can't complain too much, because we did get to go out to a yummy restaurant for dinner instead (after changing out of the orange jeans, of course!)...

We took Chris and Morgan to one of our favorite restaurants here in our neighborhood. The guys wanted something they wouldn't find in Texas, and this place serves really good Cuban dishes. We enjoyed our meal and hanging out with Chris and Morgan, and of course we took lots of pictures!

Uncle Chris and Jonathan

Joey and Jordan

All the boys having fun with Uncle Chris

Chris and Jordan...aren't they cute?

Goofy faces!

More silliness! :)

We ended up having a great time! I guess maybe ruining that lasagna was a blessing in disguise!


Stefanie said...

Eeek, that looks like one icky mess to have to clean up. That's what would have brought the tears on for me!! It looks like you guys had a good time at dinner though. Where in the heck are all of Jon's teeth? Did the lasagna pan knock 'em out on the way down? Great pictures of the kiddos and Chris, by the way.

G. said...

ouch! I am hurting for you right now because I burn myself all of the time! I've done something similar with hot soup. But hey, going out for cuban food would definitely make up for it. Hope you didn't get burnt too badly.

Grandma and Peepaw said...

All's well, that ends well. It is so neat seeing Chris with all your boys. It warms a mother's heart to see her children spending time together. I only wish it were me.

GauthierFamily said...

Dinner looked like fun anyway. I have to tell you, we visited Jeff and Stef last Dec. and your brother Chris came over. Jocelyn loved him! I showed her these pictures and she asked "when is Uncle Chris coming to my house?" I'm not sure he knew what to do with a little girl hanging all over him. But, she loved it!

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