Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008 Yale

note: This is the fourth of several "catching-up" posts...I'm posting them chronologically oldest first, dating them in the titles.

This past Wednesday night we left NYC to begin a 6-day trip during which Jeremy would be meeting with leaders at 4 of the Ivy League universities as well as M.I.T.

Thursday we were in New Haven, CT. We stayed in a great basement apartment courtesy of one of the campus ministers at Yale, so while Jeremy had his meetings in the morning, the boys and I had breakfast and then got most of their school work out of the way before we had to leave to pick up Jeremy. We spent a few hours wandering around campus before we had to leave for New Hampshire.

Jeremy and 3 of the boys standing outside Dwight Chapel.

A view of the chapel...

The interior...someone was up front playing beautifully on the pipe organ, which just added to the beauty of this place.

Jon and Jordan

I'm not sure who this statue is...

I think Jeremy said this is the library...

The entrance to the cemetery next to Yale. Now I might be weird, but I really like old cemeteries. This one is fascinating, and many famous people are buried here. I love the inscription on the entrance...


This is the grave of Timothy Dwight (for whom the chapel pictured above was named), grandson of Jonathan Edwards and former president of Yale.

Joshua studying one of the grave markers...

The highlight for the littler boys was this flock of pigeons. It doesn't look like it here, but there were hundreds of them clustered here eating grain that had been put out for them. When anyone walked by, they rose up as a thick, noisy cloud. Of course, certain little boys wanted to walk (or better yet, run) by them as often as they could!


Noah Webster, of dictionary fame, is buried here.

Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, is buried here as well.

Joshua and Jonathan reading Noah Webster's grave marker.


The grave of Jedidiah Morse, geographer, pastor, and father of Samuel F. B. Morse, who invented the telegraph.


Jordan inspecting a clump of flowers hanging from a looks a lot like a hydrangea bloom...can hydrangea bushes be trained into small trees?

Since we had a long drive to Hanover, NH ahead of us, we left New Haven after exploring the cemetery. We arrived in Hanover later that evening, and stayed with friends there. I didn't get any pictures as Jeremy needed to take the camera to his meetings, but the boys and I enjoyed our stay there. Friday evening we left for Massachusetts. Jeremy didn't have any meetings until Sunday night, so we were looking forward to having almost the entire weekend to sight-see in Boston!


G. said...

Hi Jenny! Glad I found your blog,the pictures are great!

GauthierFamily said...

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for sharing all the pics! You and your family really are having a great adventure. How do you do it all? You are a much braver girl than me! Thanks also for commenting on my blog. I love comments. Your baby is also very adorable. They grow so fast don't they?!

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