Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Photos of the Boys, Part 1

Every once in a while I get this grand notion to take cute, matchy-matchy photos of my children. I don't do it often, and when I do it usually ends up being an exercise in futility and chaos as I try to get a bunch of busy boys to cooperate, smile, and look at the camera at the same time. I usually want to get individual pictures of the boys as well, and well, trying to photograph them one at a time while the others run about going crazy is an even more heroic feat than getting them all to smile at the same time.

Well, while we were in Boston I stumbled upon a Children's Place downtown that was having a pretty good sale. Since Children's Place is one of the few places I've found where I can get matching clothes for all my guys, the picture idea surfaced again and I was on a quest! These cute polo shirts were only $5.99, and while they didn't have all 5 sizes I needed in the same color, they did have them in 5 different colors in the same pattern, which as far as I'm concerned works as well. Jeremy, who doesn't understand that visions of cute, matching, smiling boys aren't meant to be mixed with boring things like practicality, insisted that the short-sleeved polos were entirely unsuitable since it will be too cold for them soon. After being stumped for a minute, I added long-sleeved cream-colored tees under each one. Problem solved!

Now that I had the necessary props, it was time to take pictures! I decided to try a new strategy this time, and do individual photos first, with just a couple boys at a time. Today I walked Jonathan and Joseph over to the park for their pictures, then brought them back and immediately put the shirts away so they'll still be nice for the group shot. I'm only going to attempt the group shot when Jeremy is available to help with the necessary herding!

Here are the results of today's session:


Jonathan again, showing off his toothless grin.

Now, Jonathan doesn't go in much for picture posing, so I only got a few of him before he was off climbing rocks. Joey, however, is a huge ham and would pose all day long, especially if he gets to look at his picture on the back of the camera each time.

He's not really smiling, but I thought this was cute!

This is a classic Joey expression. I call this expression the "Mom, I'm about to go do something that you're going to regret" look.

My two little cuties sitting on a park bench...

If I have time tomorrow, I'll take Joshua's and Jordan's pictures, then hopefully get to the group picture soon after that! Enjoy!!

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G. said...

These turned out great! The layered t-shirts look good, too...and they smiled so nicely for you!

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