Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day totally sneaked up on me this year! I mean, I knew it was coming and all, but not so quickly. I'm not ready! This is not a holiday that I make a huge deal out of, but I have several things I've been working on for the loves in my life, and they're not done yet! I still have this evening, right?

This is my lone Valentine's Day decoration this year:

A heart garland made out of red and white felt. It was inspired by something I saw posted on Pinterest, which is my new internet obsession. Like I have time for any more internet obsessions. Anyway, the original is here. I thought hers was cute, but since I didn't have the bead-looking things to put between them, I thought I'd add dimension by making the individual hearts multi-layered. I started with 3, but my sewing machine totally balked at that. Two it is, then.

We had a super-cold weekend, so we spent lots of time sitting around playing games and drinking hot chocolate. Jeremy found us a new Mille Bornes game, since our old one had too many cards missing to really play it.

It is.....Cars themed! The little boys were thrilled.

The draw/discard decks sit in a plastic Lightning McQueen. How cute is that?

And the cards all feature characters from the Cars 2 movie.

For some reason, several of my children weren't allowing me to take their pictures...

It might have something to do with the iPhone app I downloaded recently that makes the subjects of your photos have cool facial hair or bald heads. I thought they would find that amusing. You never can tell with these guys, though. Apparently Josh, Jordan, and Joseph don't trust me with a camera at the moment.

But Jon let me take his picture:

And so did Josiah:

Well, I've got Valentines to prepare and very little time left. Got to get to work!!

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UrbanKrisy said...

fun project for the boys? =) nice crafted hearts!!! miss you, Jenn.

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