Friday, February 17, 2012

Snow Day!

Yesterday I made the comment that we hadn't had any snow to speak of, at least not enough to stick on the ground and play in. Well, I obviously spoke too soon. By yesterday afternoon, we had gone from nothing on the ground to this:

Jonathan and Jordan finally getting to use the snow brick makers they got for Christmas

I'm reminded of the old adage that if you wash your car, it is likely to rain. You don't suppose there's any correlation here, do you? Haha!

It snowed hard most of the afternoon. Since the boys had already finished most of their school work, we took the afternoon off so they could play in it. Home schoolers should get snow days, too, right?!

Someone opened the front door on the chicken coop. Silly birds will NOT touch the snow, so they took turns crowding into the 6-inch strip left snowless by the overhang of the roof.

Joey shoveling the driveway. For fun. :)

Joshua even shoveled the front sidewalk without being asked!!!

Of course, he did come to me later and ask if he could be paid for it! That's my little opportunist! Yes, he did get the "you live here too so you can help out for free" response. I figure stuff like that fits under the umbrella of stuff they do to earn their allowance anyway.

Sadly for the boys, the snow was short-lived. It's all melted now, and we're back to our boring old dead grass. They're already looking forward to the next snow day!

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