Saturday, February 11, 2012

2012 Cross-Country Road Trip Part I--Hiking in Albuquerque

Our first destination on our cross-country trip was Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sure, it took us 4 days to get there and we stayed in many a Wal-Mart parking lot along the way, but it was worth the drive...we had tons of fun spending time with Jeremy's parents, or Granddaddy and Grandmommy to the J-kids. One of our first outings was hiking at the base of the Sandia Mountains, right where the tram leaves to carry passengers to the peak.

First we had to go purchase gloves and hats for several children. After living in the northeast for 4 winters now, I still don't understand how one family can own 30 gloves and not have more than 2 complete pairs among them. Maybe the gloves are hanging out with all the missing socks. I don't know.

Anyway, while glove shopping I couldn't resist this adorable hat for Joanna! Or the matching gloves that she was constantly asking someone to help her put back on.

The boys all had to search for the perfect walking stick.

Joanna and her Granddaddy


Jon with his walking stick, which is really some sort of dried cactus


Here's Joey trudging up a hill. He has a special talent for looking like he isn't having any fun at all--until it's time to go home, and then he doesn't want to leave. Ever.

The younger children got bored quickly, and had to be placated with snacks. We do much more snacking on the road than we do at home, which I think is one of the primary reasons our kids put up with all the traveling that we do. I'm quite confident that they ate more sugar in the last 5 weeks than they will in the next 5 months here at home.

Gather 'round the snacks, boys!

Nothing like kickin' back in a hole in the ground to enjoy a graham cracker. That's my Josiah!

Jeremiah enjoyed watching his brothers from the snuggli.


Jeremy and Jeremiah

Jonathan sliding down a very rough boulder. Yet another reason why I'm glad I never pay full price for boys' jeans.

Overlooking part of Albuquerque

The bigger boys were determined to make it all the way to the first tram tower, so they ran ahead. They didn't make it quite that far, but they did manage to be right underneath the path of the tram as it returned back down the mountain.

They are barely visible in the lower left of this photo, just behind a bush.


Joey, Josiah, and Jon heading back down

Joshua found this footprint in the snow and was sure it was some fierce wild cat or bear. I thought it was just a large dog print, but he was having none of that! It doesn't look like it from the angle of this picture, but the print was about the same size as his hand.

My sweet Josiah, giving me his I'm-too-cool-to-smile look

Heading back to the parking lot

We didn't make it very far up the mountain, but we had fun and got some good exercise, too. Jeremy and I keep saying that on one of our visits to Albuquerque we're going to hike all the way to the top. Maybe when the kids are a little older (and I'm, uh, back in shape) we'll actually try it!

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