Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boys' Room Repair and Makeover -- Step One!

While we were on our trip, we had a pipe burst in the big boys' bedroom. This is, of course, not a fun thing to deal with, especially from 2000 miles away! Thankfully our neighbors who were feeding our chickens noticed the garage ceiling leaking and knew how to patch the leak, or we more than likely would have come home to a completely destroyed house!

The one bright spot in all this, at least for me, is that the room has to be repainted and the flooring replaced. I wanted to do both of those things anyway, but I probably wouldn't have gotten to the painting for awhile, and we probably wouldn't have bothered with the expense of replacing the flooring, which was a boring but perfectly decent Berber carpet.

The room was repainted this past week. The best part? It was painted by professional painters, NOT me! :) The room is full of narrow trim and funky angles--I was NOT looking forward to trying to paint it myself!

I can't believe it, but I don't have any "before" pictures of the room in it's original state. And I didn't think to pull out the camera until the painting was already underway. So here are the "sort-of before" pictures:

They had painted the ceiling by this point. It used to be red as well. This was a very dark room, in spite of having 2 dormers and a large window at one end. You can see how much trim there is to paint around!

From the window end of the room looking back toward the door. Please excuse all the mixed up bed parts laying about! The 3 boys who usually sleep in this room are bunking with Joanna right now...2 in the queen-sized guest bed and 1 on a mattress on the floor. It's a big party every night at bedtime, I tell ya!

The back corner

And now the after pictures:

This looks lighter than it has darkened some now that it is dry. It's a light denim blue, and the ceiling is called Sea Salt, I think. We left the trim a glossy white.

Isn't this just so much nicer than that dark, dark red? I love it!

The second dormer window. This one has a built-in computer desk, the same color as the upper cabinets around the window. The desk had to come out to remove the carpet and dry everything out. It will go back when the floor is done. The other dormer has a built-in toy box under the window.

And here's the back corner and the big window.

I'm thrilled with how well it has turned out so far. It took the painters less than 6 hours to finish it. It would have taken me weeks! We're going to put in laminate flooring ourselves to keep costs down. We have experience with that, so hopefully it won't take too long! I already have a long list of things I plan on doing to decorate this room once the flooring is done. I can't wait to get started!! Let's just say there will be a lot of sewing and crafting in my future! Yay!

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Annalia said...

That looks so much nicer! Isn't it amazing how paint can change a room...esp when someone else does it.

We have a lot of painting to do this summer. The previous owners of our house hired some subpar painters to do the doors/trim in our house...and much of it is peeling off (helped along by little paint-peeling children). I'm NOT looking forward to it.

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