Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 Cross-Country Road Trip Part II--Sledding in New Mexico

Ready for some more pictures from our cross-country trip? I'm slowly getting all my pictures re-sized and uploaded. I didn't realize how snap-happy I am...I took so many pictures!

So here they are, sledding in the Jemez Mountains outside Albuquerque.

Jordan in his cool shades

This is where we go sledding...a nice bowl-like area that we've gone to on 3 or 4 different visits now. It's big enough for the bigger boys to have fun, while not being too dangerous for the little guys. Win-win!



Jonathan, tired of waiting for his turn with one of the 3 sleds, decided to go down one of the steeper sides on his rear end.

I just love the expression on Jordan's face here!

Waiting his turn

Josh tried sledding on his backside as well

Joanna's first run, from the safety of Daddy's lap

She wasn't sure about it at first, but she was smiling by the end.

Josiah trying to decide if this whole sledding-without-a-sled thing is worth the risk

Jon about to take off

Once Joanna discovered how much fun it was to sled, she pulled her princess status and got her brothers to pull her back up the hill in the sled. She sledded at least a couple dozen times, and I don't believe she ever had to walk back up the hill!

Another intense expression!

Little miss princess


Joanna sledding with Granddaddy...look at that expression of pure excitement on her face!

Josiah getting ready to brave a steep slope on his bottom

And he's off!


Daddy couldn't be shown up by Jonathan and Jordan, who were going down the steeper side slopes repeatedly. Here he is about to give it a try...

And he's off!

Yes, he was airborne a couple of times!


Jordan helping Josiah get on the sled

I'm really glad we got in some snow play while we were in the that we're back home in the northeast, there isn't any snow around here. We get a bit now and then, but not enough to stick around. It's a far cry from our record season for snow last year! Oh, well...I can be thankful we aren't having to shovel any!!

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Annalia said...

Your family is so cute. We got no sledding snow this year. Lame. (Glad to see on FB that you finally did!)

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