Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Cross-Country Road Trip Part III--Hot Air Ballooning!

One of the biggest highlights of our visit with Jeremy's parents in Albuquerque was the 4 bigger boys' first hot air balloon ride. They were sooo excited!

Not only did they get to ride, but they also got to crew. This means they helped set up the balloon, and then helped take it apart and put it away when we were done. Here they are helping with the tarp that the basket lies on while the balloon is being inflated.

Joanna watching from her stroller

Here Granddaddy is showing Joshua and Jonathan how to hold the cables so the neck of the envelope (what the actual balloon is called) will stay open so the air from the fan can blow in. I was manning the fan. (And the camera! Multi-tasking again, lol!)




Jonathan is working hard!

All set up and ready to go! Just had to snap a quick pic before the camera lady jumped in the basket.

Joey, being a good big brother, covered Josiah's ears as we were taking off. The noise from the burners can be pretty loud!

Our shadow on the, huh?

Aerial view of the field where we set up. There was another balloon setting up there as well, they were just a little bit behind us. You can barely see our van, and the truck pulling the bright yellow balloon trailer.

Little houses! I commented to Jeremy's dad that this would be a great way to get new landscaping ideas. :)



After flying for 45 minutes or so, we landed so that Jordan and I could get out and let Jeremy and Joseph have a turn.

The boys "flapping their wings" to help get the balloon off the ground. Silly boys!

There they go! That's Joshua waving and Jeremy taking pictures with his iPhone.

Uh oh! Looks like they're landing on top of that house!

Look at Joey's face! That's the look of a boy having FUN!

Everybody helped take the balloon apart and put it all away.

The boys kept having to flop down on the bag that holds the envelope to squish everything down so there would be enough room.

I think they liked that job!

Helping Uncle Mike (Jeremy's uncle) take the burners off the top of the basket

Josh and Jon helping Granddaddy get the last of the envelope into the bag

The boys learning to tie the knot that holds the bag closed


After everything was packed into the trailer, the boys got to participate in the fun little activity Granddaddy always does with his 1st-time crew helpers. He tells them a story about ballooning history (sorry, I don't remember the story!) and then they have a contest to see who can down a cup of sparkling cider first...without using their hands!



And Jonathan wins!!

Joey came in second! :)

The boys all had a fabulous time both flying and helping. Now we really have to get out to Albuquerque for Balloon Fiesta. That's what Jordan is asking to do for his birthday, which is around the same time. Grandmommy and Granddaddy, can we come visit again in October, please? :)

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Annalia said...

You guys have me beat. I'm so scared of heights, that this camera lady would NEVER get in that balloon. :)

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