Monday, August 15, 2011

Works in Progress...

With all the spare time I've been swimming in lately (Ha!), I've added a few little projects to my growing list of "works in progress." After all, the newest little J-boy needs some hand-made goodies, and I need the brief moments to relax. I'll probably never understand why having a bunch of unfinished craft projects is therapeutic, but it is. Maybe it's having lots of choices when I have a spare minute or two. Maybe I'm actually certifiably insane and haven't recognized it yet. I like to think it's the first option, but who knows?

This is a simple crocheted blanket I started while Jeremiah was in the NICU. After spending a full day alternating between staring at the walls in the cafeteria and staring at the walls in the lobby between baby feedings, I knew I HAD to have a project. Then the other nice folks in the cafeteria and lobby could stare at ME, while I alternated between crocheting furiously and nodding off to sleep.

These flannel squares are going to become a rag quilt, or rather 2 rag quilts--one for Jeremiah, and one for a friend. I had the hardest time selecting the fabrics for these. Little boys are harder to sew for than little girls for sure. The fabric selections are just not even comparable. I have an orange fabric that I'm still trying to decide on. We'll see if it makes the cut.

The finished quilts will look like this one that I made for Joanna:

While I love the finished product, I think I vaguely remember promising myself I would NEVER make one of these again. Cutting all those seams was a beast. A trip to JoAnn's for spring-loaded scissors might be in order. I just got a new 40% off coupon that needs to be used...

And while I'm aware that it is only August, these fabrics have been calling to me as well:

(After all, playing with Christmas fabrics in August is much more fun than grading math or cleaning my bathroom. Which are what I SHOULD be doing.)

I bought them on sale before Christmas LAST year, and didn't do anything with them. I'm thinking they might become advent calendars. Hopefully before December, so we can actually use them.

I also need to get back to work on this quilt. I kind of lost interest in working on it because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. But now I know the perfect place for it to go!

Now to go tackle the boys' math workbooks. (The bathroom will still have to wait!)

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