Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's an Alien Invasion!

Help, we've been abducted by aliens! Alien squash, that is!

Joshua has been begging for several days to paint one of our scalloped squashes, which the boys call "alien saucer squashes," to look like a flying saucer. I normally hate to waste food like that, but we've eaten and frozen pounds and pounds of this stuff, and it's still coming in faster than we can use it. So yesterday, I relented and pulled out the paints:

Everyone ran out to the garden to choose an appropriate canvas...

And painted away happily!

Joshua got pretty detailed with his:

Joseph getting started...

The younger boys mostly had fun mixing up all the paint colors into one big blob on their plates. Amazingly, they didn't make a huge mess!

These are summer squash so they don't last very long before they get squishy, so we'll have to throw away their creations in a couple of days. Hopefully no one will be too disappointed!

I never would have thought that our garden would also be providing objects for art class! But, I'm a big proponent of making do with what we've got on hand, so it works for me! We've even used veggies as a still life for drawing practice in the past week:

I wonder what we'll do with them next! :)


SarahElisabeth said...

This made me laugh. I don't like wasting food either but we have so many cooking apples that I can't keep up. Yesterday, we used some windfalls to make shape outlines. Your post makes me think that we ought to paint some or print with them.

Jenny said...

Ooh, making prints sounds fun! I've done that with potatoes before. It seems like apples would work as well! :)

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