Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Day Down...

Our first day without Josh and Jon around went pretty well. I woke up feeling like someone was missing (well, someone WAS!) and had to alter my normal Monday morning routine accordingly, since one of the missing children usually cooks Monday's breakfast. I discovered I'm a bit spoiled now that I have pre-teen children--I miss my cook! :)

We ran errands later, the highlight of which was lunch at a new and exciting location--the cafe in our local Target. Who would have guessed that would be so thrilling for my crew? But it was-- Jordan and Joseph must have thanked me and told me how much fun they had at least a dozen times. And it was cheap to boot. Guess I'll be adding that to my list of fun kid destinations! :)

We are now well-stocked on boys' socks and underwear. Whew! And Joanna got new shoes. She LOVES shoes, but had just outgrown all 4 pairs she owned in her previous size. (Which I had just bought back in July--growth spurt, anyone?) It's sad when your little girl begs you to put on her shoes, only to immediately cry and beg you to take them back off because they hurt. The past several days she has had to go shoeless. Now she can be a fully-accessorized little girly-girl again, with new white sneakers complete with sparkly rhinestones, and new black-patent Mary Janes. She's much happier now.

I'm still trying to come up with some fun, special things to do with my little guys while their big brothers are away. Normally I'd come up with all sorts of ideas, but apparently my brain isn't fully functional on next to no sleep. I'll have to ask the boys what they'd like to do today. Once they wake up, that is. At least some members of this household are sleeping! :)

I'm sure they'll come up with something, probably involving candy. Or ice cream. Or a freaky animatronic mouse. We'll see. And I'll try to remember to take pictures.


Annalia said...

You can do what I've been doing - Modge Podge old composition books into new, gorgeous ones! ...though I'm not sure your boys would love it.

My Mom is coming to visit toward the end of September - and we want to come see you!

Jenny said...

Ooh, I have Modge Podge and I have composition books! Does sound more like a project for ME, though!

I would LOVE for you and your Mom to come visit us!! Let me know specific dates and we'll plan something. Jeremy's been telling me for years that we needed to make a trip to WA to see all of your family, but it's just never worked out.

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