Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Crafty Kid!

I love it when my kids get creative! Well, to be more accurate, I love it when my kids decide to channel their creativity into cute little projects that don't destroy whole rooms with their messes, rather than turning the playroom into one enormous blanket fort full of hundreds of puzzle pieces and millions of Legos.

Yesterday, Joshua got bitten by the creative bug and decided to make a stuffed bird for his little sister. He made a pattern on paper and then cut it out, sewed, and stuffed it entirely on his own (while I took a nap! Yay!!) I think it turned out pretty cute!

I'm choosing to overlook the pins left on the table, scissors under the table, and felt strewn about the floor, and just focus on the cuteness:

Cute, huh? I love that he thinks about making things for his siblings. He also made these fun bean bags (scroll down to the bottom) for Josiah's birthday last year, which also turned out really nice. I think I'll encourage him to make homemade gifts for Christmas this year--and clean up after himself when he's done!


Annalia said...

Oh, how sweet. He's got some talent!

My daughter used to sew little things all of the time...but I think I encouraged it out of her.

Jenny said...

Thank you! I think he's pretty creative myself!

I've seen some of the things your daughter has made that you've posted on your blog--she is very creative!

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