Saturday, August 6, 2011


Our newest little sweetie, Jeremiah Benjamin, born July 7, 2011. He is doing well and is adored by all his siblings, especially his big sister who refers to him as "my baby!" Mommy still isn't getting much sleep, but that is to be expected, at least for the next several weeks. I'm hoping he'll sleep through the night (7 hours or so) by 6-8 weeks like 5 out of the other 6 did. :)

Here he is...isn't he a cutie?

And again being held by his proud big sister who can't get enough of him!

(Yes, she fell and scraped up her nose pretty bad, but thankfully it's healed now. Whew!)

Joanna giving baby Jeremiah kisses!

We're slowly getting back in the swing of things around here--getting the house back in order, gardening, and even starting a new school year. Maybe I'm crazy, but we've always started up each new home school year the first Monday in August and I didn't want to change that this year just because we have a brand new baby and sleep-deprived Mommy in the house. I guess time will tell if we can actually pull this off! :)


Linda Tunnell said...

Oh, he's beautiful you guys! We need more wonderful boys being raised by wonderful parents! thank you for having the courage to bring more wonderful spirits into this world. love linda&Jim

Annalia said...

Congrats, Jenny! You are so awesome! Joanna is so big!

You know, doing school might make it a little more hectic, but sometimes that's actually easier than having a house full of bored kids!

hope said...

He is precious! What a blessing! You are so blessed! Thanks for posting!

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