Monday, August 22, 2011

A Break in the Chaos?...(or Not!)

These past few weeks since we started back to school have been cuh-razy! Between easing (cramming? begging? bribing?) my boys back into a school routine, keeping the preschoolers from taking over the world (or even just the kitchen!), and taking care of a new born around the clock, I am exhausted! I keep wishing I could crawl into a cozy hole somewhere and sleep for a day (or several), but I'm pretty sure I gave up that option oh, about 12 years ago.

This week, I'm getting a bit of a reprieve! Two of my children are off at camp all week!
I only have 5 children at home! Yes, you know you're a mom-of-many when you can say only and 5 children in the same sentence!

Of course, the children who are absent are the oldest 2, who also happen to be my biggest helpers. I'm trying not to admit that having five 7 and under might not be that much of a reprieve, after all. We'll see...

I think we'll play hooky from school this week and work on projects, get some errands done, and, of course, play fun "little kid" type stuff. I've already asked Jordan, who will be the biggest boy at home this week, what he'd like to do. His answer? He wants to cook eggs for breakfast all by himself (usually Jon's job) and go to Chuck E. Cheese's. I think we can handle those!

One of our necessary errands will involve clothing, or rather underclothing, shopping. Since my big boys do their own laundry, I have very little occasion (this is a good thing!) to see my 12-year-old's underwear. Well, in packing for him, I had a heck of a time finding 7 pairs that weren't completely shredded. How he shreds underwear I have no idea, but shred them he does, so they must be replaced. The 10-year-old didn't even have 7 pairs, shredded or otherwise. He's, um, borrowing a pair or two from the next brother down. Hopefully he won't mind, and when he gets back he'll have new ones as well. And we won't even mention the deplorable condition of their socks...which I just bought in the last couple months. Argh!

We dropped Josh and Jon off at camp yesterday afternoon. I was the only one close to tears. I'm still not sure how I feel about that--I wanted to the boys to go off without a hitch, obviously, but it might be nice if they miss me a little bit! Jon was even too cool to hug me goodbye, the little stinker. Well, I'm off to play preschool games and cook with Jordan. I'm hoping for a fun week with my littles! :)


Anonymous said...
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Annalia said...

I have to say that, as big of a help as the older kids can be, it cut down on our chaos to have them at school...and suddenly the middle kids became the big kids!

I keep saying I'm going to have the older kids do their laundry...but I never stick with it. :(

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