Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Little Mommy

Whoever said that girls act like girls and boys act like boys only when we train them to do so was wrong. Totally.

Since little Jeremiah arrived on the scene, Miss Joanna's favorite past time is seeing, holding, hugging, and kissing "her" baby. She is such the little mommy. She brings him diapers, bottles, and toys constantly, whether he wants them or not!

She loves to give him hugs and kisses. The boys, while loving in their own ways, were NEVER like this!

MY baby!!

Sweet kisses...


Josiah gets in on the baby love as well--after all, Joanna can't get all the camera attention!

It's sweet to see Joanna and Josiah loving on their baby brother. One, it makes for adorable photo ops and two, it's about the only love going on here among the kids these days. Jon and Jordan seem to have some sort of battle going on that results in pretty constant bickering between them, Joseph grumps at all his brothers lately, and Josiah picks on Joanna every chance he gets. I'm SO hoping this is just "new baby adjustment" and that all will be back to normal soon. I'm thinking I might just have to make everyone hug everybody else multiple times a day, while reminding them that they need to LOVE each other (or else!!!) Think it'll work?

On an unrelated note, after posting about needing ideas to use up eggs yesterday, I got a suggestion to make French toast. (Thank you, Linda!) Not being one to do things the easy way, I made this recipe of homemade challah bread last night, since it makes utterly fabulous French toast. I'd never made it myself before. Probably not the best project to start at 8:30 p.m. (it takes about 3 hours with rising and cooking times) but it turned out quite nicely:

I used up 15 eggs--5 for the bread itself, and 10 making it into French toast. I think this will make the breakfast rotation, if I can make and freeze a bunch of the bread in advance. It was delish!

No pics of the final product--it got scarfed down as quickly as I could get slices off the griddle!

I have 2/3 of a loaf of challah left...I'm thinking it might make a tasty bread pudding!


Annalia said...

Totally. I never believed it until I had my own children.

G. said...

great pictures, and that challah bread looks amazing...great job! I have used that before to make french toast and my husband really likes it that way! :)

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