Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas! (Just a few days late!)

I hope everyone who reads this had a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Here is our tree on Christmas Eve...it was decorated entirely by the boys, mostly with ornaments that they made. We left our big 9-ft. tree in Austin so we wouldn't have to store it here. This little tree works nicely and doesn't take up much closet space the rest of the year!

Joshua and Joanna in front of the tree Christmas morning...

Joanna in her little Christmas outfit from Grandma. Yes, those are tights on her legs...I've never seen tights fit so loosely before!

Joanna lounging on Daddy's lap while he reads the Christmas story to the family...

Joey trying to get Joanna to smile at him!

Josiah opening up a big box of Duplos. He loves these things!!

Jordan modeling his new apron, handmade by Mommy. I made these for the 4 older boys, who all love to help me cook. They were all very excited about them!

Joshua opening his remote controlled Erector set...

Jordan and his remote controlled Wall-E. If you can see the expression on his face, you can tell he was excited about this! He's been asking for it for quite a while.

All this business with presents is exhausting!

Jonathan with his remote controlled helicopter...another big wish list item. Actually, all of the boys, including Josiah, got something remote controlled. There are many many things rolling/flying/crashing around here these days!

The boys have all been having fun playing with all their new stuff. I'm busy scrambling to get organized and prepared to start back to school and a somewhat normal routine next week. Hopefully it will all go smoothly...I have a feeling after a solid week of doing nothing but play with Christmas gifts, getting the boys to hit the books again will be challenging!

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Annalia Romero said...

It's so fun to get to see your family updates again!

We didn't get anything remote-controlled this year, and I'm kind of sad about it....but I didn't want to get any more toys than they were already getting! As I'm sure you know, with 6 kids, a couple toys each adds up to about a million.

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