Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update On the Girls

...The feathered girls, that is!

They are 11 weeks old today. With all the snow we've had lately, I thought it might be fun to see what they thought of it, and take some pictures to share at the same time. They were very interested in the open door, since they're pretty much cooped up inside with all this cold, but they had very little interest in stepping out into the snow! I was about 6 feet away from the door snapping pics, when suddenly there was a flapping of wings overhead. Turns out one of the girls was curious enough to fly out to what looked like a safe spot--the top of my head!

We nailed this strip of plywood just inside the door, because every time we opened the door their shavings were spilling out and making a mess, not to mention making it very difficult to close the door. Here one of the Barred Rocks has decided to check out the strange white stuff. I love how the others are hanging over the edge, as if to ask her how it is and if it's safe for them to come out, too!

I think she's telling the others that it's fairly harmless, although cold and not very interesting. I still haven't learned chicken-speak, though, so I may be wrong.

This little Buff Orpington was brave enough to fly out and actually land in the snow. But then she had no idea what to do from there. I let her sit there for a few minutes, then rescued her.

The Barred Rocks are still the littlest of the flock. I think they'll be prettier when their red combs and wattles grow in, but for now I think they look kind of funny! I love their stripes, though.

This is one of the Easter Eggers, and the biggest bird in the bunch. This is also one of the two that we suspect might actually be a rooster. Time will tell, I suppose! Joshua and Jonathan have named him Angus. The funny thing is that they don't know that Angus is a breed of cattle--they've named him that after McDonalds' angus third-pounder hamburger. Their theory is that that is Micky D's biggest burger, and this guy is our biggest chicken. Somehow in their minds that relates well.

No one can walk into the coop without being mobbed for treats...

Joey trying to catch one...

Angus out in the snow showing off his impressive wing span

This is Joey with his favorite chicken, a little EE he named Pecker. The scratch on his nose is a battle scar from a recent fight he lost with a certain 7-year-old brother...

Here's the other one we suspect might be a rooster, if only because it is bigger than the other BOs and already has a red comb and wattles. I'm not fully convinced yet. Jon tells me he's heard this one trying to crow, though, so we'll see. They've named this one Doodle, as in cock-a-doodle-doo, of course!

Jordan holding Doodle. I don't think Doodle is particularly fond of cuddling with little boys.

Joey with a currently unnamed EE...

Jon (and Josh's arm)

I love this one's face!

Jordan loves to hold them and carry them around! :)

They're a lot more entertaining than I was expecting them to be. Okay, well I guess I wasn't really expecting entertainment from them--just eggs. But they're fun little critters. And they are already proving themselves useful, even though we are still a ways out from getting any eggs out of them. Turns out they are great little disposals for all those food scraps that I would otherwise throw away after meals everyday (and feel guilty about, lol!) I keep a bowl on the counter that all the scraps go into after each meal, that gets taken out to the chicks every evening after dinner. They go nuts over their "treats!"

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