Monday, January 10, 2011

How To Sled Without a Hill...

Sunday afternoon we decided to take advantage of the sunny day to see what our woods are like full of snow. Everyone bundled up and off we went!

The boys still haven't been able to get up into the "tree house tree" so Jordan contented himself with climbing this little one.

Josiah in the snow. Poor baby can hardly get around at all between his big, fluffy snow suit and the at least 6-inch-deep snow. Daddy ended up carting him around on the ATV.

Walking across a fallen log. There are tons of fallen trees and branches back there...sounds like a good chore for some boys come spring will be cleaning up a bit!

This is part of the little creek that runs through the woods. The boys were thrilled to find it was frozen under all that snow, and they could walk across it easily.

Following Daddy and Josiah on the ATV (Joshua is hitching a ride as well) as they follow the tracks left earlier by some snow mobiles. We'll forgive their trespassing since they made us such a nice path to follow! :) I did mention to Jeremy that we should get some signs up, though. The whole liability thing makes me nervous.

Daddy and Josiah. I'm not sure which of the two of them was having more fun!!

As we were heading back to the house, Joshua came up with a brilliant idea. Since we don't really have any hills to speak of, why not hook the sled up to the back of the ATV? Well, we decided to give it a whirl, and not only did it work, but the boys (AND Daddy and Mommy) thought it was very fun!

Daddy pulling Joey to make the path...

Jon's turn...all he wanted to do was go faster, faster!!!!

Jordan gives it a go...

...and takes a spill rounding the corner!

Mommy's turn to drive! :)

We basically made a big loop around the chicken coop in the backyard (poor chickens, lol...don't know what they thought of all THAT noise!) and continued pulling the boys in circles until we ran out of gas--literally! They are all already asking when we can do it again. We are certainly enjoying all of our snow!

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