Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thoughts on Food, Planning, and Other Random Things

I haven't done as well as I had hoped in keeping up with this blog lately! We've been busy around here, and April is looking like it will be even busier! I'm looking forward to it, though...between spring weather really truly arriving, expecting several visitors this month, and doing a little bit of traveling as well, it should be a good kind of "busy!"

I've spent much time over the past week or so making my once-a-month grocery shopping lists. I shop at least 2 stores, Costco and Stop & Shop, and sometimes add another if they have a good sale on something. Two things are making my planning much more challenging this month!

First of all, while we've always been fairly healthy eaters, I've felt very strongly the past few months that I should make a proactive effort to cut artificial colors, flavors, and certain additives and preservatives out of our diet completely. I've toyed around with this before, but not long-term. With Joshua's ADHD and sensory issues, and the older boys' asthma, I believe it will make a real difference in health and temperament to finally make these changes for good. I made my plans and started making menus, lists, etc., then the 2nd thing happened!

Jeremy decided (and I completely agree with him!) that it would be prudent to have on hand at least a month's worth of shelf-stable food and water, in case of an emergency. He wants to have items on hand that would require a minimum of preparation, if any at all, in case power is out or whatever. So a nice chunk of our grocery budget for March and April is going towards this project. Unfortunately, many of the items I can find that are shelf-stable and require little preparation (think canned goods) also contain artificial stuff and of course, preservatives. I'm still trying to figure out how to mesh those two things together...food storage and healthy eating!

I am also building up a supply of healthy items that require more preparation, such as grains, beans, and pasta, and stocking up the freezer with meats, veggies, etc. Of course, my freezer is usually pretty well stocked! I'm also trying to put into practice ways that I can rotate through everything so that nothing goes bad. Obviously my canned goods will last a long time, and since we don't currently eat many canned foods, I'll probably hold off trying to rotate them into our menu for a while. But I'm guilty of not keeping a good inventory of my chest freezer, and just using stuff off the top while the frozen mystery roasts languish in freezer burn at the bottom. No more! I'll let you know as I figure this all out! :)

In other news, the boys are all doing well! We're enjoying the spring weather and our almost-daily walks in Riverside Park. The bulbs (crocuses, daffodils, and others I don't recognize) are all blooming in the flowerbeds. I can't wait for the trees to get their leaves again and for everything to green up! Yay, spring!! :)


Annalia Romero said...

You should check out provident living.com It might have some useful tips for your new food storage venture. :)

G. said...

you've been busy. If it helps at all...it isn't as hard as you think to cut out artificial colors and additives, etc. We do it but, it does require some sacrifice. There are many "convenience" items that can be made homemade. I have a ton of recipes if you'd like them. Let me know. I have a really good ketchup recipe, and a recipe to make your own taco seasoning, bisquick, etc...if you're interested. :)

G. said...

hi jenny. I want to give you some of the recipes I was talking about. If you can email me I'll send them to you. Here's how to do it without me giving you my email address for everyone to see. ;) Go to my blog and click where it says "view my complete profile" it will take you to my profile page and under my picture on the left, it will say "email me" click on that and there ya have it. If it doesn't work, let me know. :)

Annalia Romero said...

Are ya'll travelling again?

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