Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Park Pictures

Here are the promised pictures from the park downtown. This is one of the boys' favorite parks. We don't go often as it isn't exactly convenient to get there, but as the weather gets nicer and we're out more, I'm sure we'll get down there again!

This is a ring of steering wheels and pedals that the children can get on and pedal to go in a circle. The boys love this! You would think the idea of working that hard and not actually getting anywhere would be off-putting, but no, they could do this for hours. Oh, appears it's Daddy who is actually doing the work, here!

At one point there were 3 other children and 2 other parents at this ride. And, of course, all of our boys! One of the other parents turned to me and made a comment about how there were so many more kids than parents here...why weren't the other kids' parents there watching their children? Then I had to tell him that the other children were, in fact, ALL MINE! lol! :)

Here's Joey running as fast as he can around the playground...

Jonathan and Jordan think I can't see them on this mesh bridge...

Josiah, waiting patiently, hoping he will be allowed to get out of the stroller and play!

Here are the older 4 jumping around on the mesh part, while Daddy pushes on them from underneath trying to knock them over!

Great leaping Jonathans, Batman!

This park is right next to the World Financial Center. To the left of these buildings is Ground Zero, where construction is starting on the Freedom Tower.

Josiah is thrilled to be able to crawl around!

Jonathan and Josiah checking out the view. In the background is the Hudson River, and New Jersey on the other side.

Next, it was off to the sand area!

Josiah experiencing sand for the first time. He wasn't sure what to make of it!

I think he's enjoying this new experience!

Everybody happily playing in the sand together...

Back in the stroller...isn't he a cutie-pie?!!

A sleepy Joey sitting in the stroller waiting for the subway.

They're not supposed to play in the subway stations, but of course it's hard for little boys to resist sliding down the handrails on the stairs!

We enjoyed our day at the park...hope you enjoy the pictures!! :)


Annalia Romero said...

Looks like fun! I know kids love sand, but I sure hate it. In SC, all of the parks had sand for a base. Whenever we'd come home, the kids would sit on the couch and sand would just pour out of their pockets!

Jenny said...

I'm not a big fan of sand either, but my children love it as well! In Texas, if you were playing in sand it was in shorts and tee-shirts, or even a swim suit. Here, I'm finding sand in the pockets of their winter coats...not as easy to clean up! Also, they come home and take off their shoes, then the next day when it's time to put them back on again, they just turn them over and make little sand piles on the floor! Argh! Sandal weather just can't some soon enough at this point!

Grandma and Peepaw said...

It sure seems everyone does enjoy that park. I never thought about sand in winter clothing. What a mess. Thanks for keeping us posted with the pictures of the boys.

Anonymous said...

Great fun! You don't often think of families living right IN NYC, but I'm sure there are quite a few, just like any other city.

I'll definately be bugging you for your favorite bargain places when I bring my teen girls to shop + stop in a few years!

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