Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys!

All of my boys are definitely "all boy," but my little 5-year-old Jordan is especially rough-and-tumble. He's the one most likely to be playing super hero at any given time, pretending a stick is a gun, and trying to do the most dangerous "exciting" activities he can think of. He certainly keeps me on my toes!!

Since here in New York he is supposed to be officially in Kindergarten this year, he is doing some school work, but not nearly as much as his two older brothers. Because of this, he has a good bit of time during the day when I need to work with his older brothers (and keep the 3-year-old from harassing the baby). So several times a week I will let him choose a video to watch.

Usually he will choose a Veggietales video, or one of several Disney videos that we own. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the living room to find him watching My Fair Lady a few days ago. I didn't ask him about it at that time, but when I went back into the room a little bit later, we had this conversation:

Jordan: "Mommy, this movie is BORING! Can I watch a different one?"

Me: "Well, since you've already watched most of it, don't you think you should watch the rest and see how it ends?"

Jordan: "No, it's BORING!"

Me: (getting curious at this point) "Hey Jordan, what made you choose this movie in the first place?"

Jordan: (In his best disappointed voice) "Well, I was going to watch something else, but Jonathan told me that this movie has GUNS in it!! And he LIED!!"

I'm not sure where he gets it, but that's my boy!!

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Annalia Romero said...

So funny...My Fair Lady!

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