Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well, most of the day was good anyway!

We had a pretty good day today. The boys got all their schoolwork done in an appropriate amount of time, Joey actually fell asleep quickly at nap time, and everyone worked together to get chores done after dinner. So we decided to go out for a bit after dinner. We took the boys to one of their favorite playgrounds, where we started out on the swings. I took a couple pictures before the camera battery died (of course the back-up battery was dead as well!) and here they are:

Joey. Please excuse the tomato sauce decorating his outfit. This was right after a spaghetti dinner, after all. He's still awfully cute.

Jonathan. Since we still have a few kiddos who would sneak out naked if we let them, I worry about making sure they are dressed, not necessarily matching.

Jordan. He loves this particular playground because this is where he first learned to swing. Here he is showing off his swinging skills.

Joshua. He prefers to stay as close to the ground as possible. This does NOT include falling and landing on it. He played on the swings for a bit then was off to the playscape.

Daddy joins the boys swinging. Actually, I participated as well, but I'm usually the one behind the camera so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I love this photo! I wish it had an audio track. Joey loves to be pushed up really high like this and then let go of...he squeals and laughs like crazy!

After having a great time at the park, we continued on to the AT&T store so that Jeremy could get some sort of cable thingy that will allow us to download movies onto his i-Phone and play them on our tv. It was about a 20-block (1 mile) walk each way. This is where the day went downhill (not literally) for me. I have 2 children in a stroller, and 3 everywhere else. Meaning the 3 on foot, in spite of my careful training, still feel the need to crisscross back and forth across the sidewalk narrowly missing getting run over by the stroller, while kicking their feet out to the sides and generally not paying any attention to where they are in relation to anybody else. It was at the end of one of these gleeful kicks that Jordan came down right in front of me and I managed to catch my little toe on the back of his shoe. I'm sure it's broken. We still have about three blocks to get to the store...then 20 (a mile, remember?) to get home again. Jeremy did offer to hail a cab for me, but I went out tonight with the goal of getting some exercise, so I toughed it out. Let me tell you, it hurts. Hopefully it won't be worse tomorrow.

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