Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our first week of school is over...we are under way!

Well, since we just completed our first week of school, I figured this would be as good a time as any to post our school plans for the year! This year Joshua is in 4th grade, Jonathan is in 2nd, and because New York's age cut-off is December 1st instead of September 1st as it is in Texas, this will be Jordan's Kindergarten year!! Here's what we're doing:

Math--Math-U-See Delta
English--Finishing Rod & Staff English 3 (we started in Feb.) then moving to R&S 4
Spelling--Spelling Power, currently in list C
History--Story of the World 2: The fall of Rome through the Renaissance (with Jonathan)
Science--Apologia's Zoology 3: Land Animals of the 6th Day (with Jonathan)
Latin--Prima Latina (with Jonathan)
P.E.--no set plan yet, but we're going out and playing active games, etc. for 45 min. before lunch every day
Writing--Writing Strands (waiting for it to come in, though!) We're also writing a letter every week--starting with relatives, then we'll look for pen pals!
Piano Lessons once a week with daily practice
Reading--30 min. assigned reading daily (linked to history or science, usually) and 30 minutes reading books of his choice daily
Art--Drawing With Children, and experimenting with other media as well as some art appreciation (not fully defined yet, lol!)
Bible--studying a chapter each week, and memorizing a verse each week

Math--Math-U-See Gamma
English--First Language Lessons, second grade
Spelling--Spelling Power, currently on list A
History--same as Joshua
Science--same as Joshua
Latin--same as Joshua
P.E.--same as Joshua
Writing--Writing Strands (waiting on this...I forget the exact name, but it's the level below what Joshua is going to do)
Piano lessons and practice
Reading--same schedule as Joshua, but with some different selections that match his reading level (approx. 4th-5th grade)
Art--same as Joshua
Bible--same as Joshua

Reading--Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
P.E. with everyone else
Bible with everyone else
Math--no set curriculum as of yet, but will work on basic kindergarten-level skills

Whew! That sounds like a lot when I try to type it all up! It really isn't as much as it seems, though. We work about 4.5 hours a day. Jordan's schooling takes maybe an hour, not counting the P.E. we do all together.

Our current plan is to have a field trip day once a week. I'm starting with Friday, but if we find that our destinations are more crowded on Fridays, we might rearrange our schedule and go out on a different day. This past Friday we went to the Central Park Zoo. The boys had a great time, and I survived taking all 5 of them on the subway with no other adult help! :)

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