Thursday, August 21, 2008

Picnic in the Park

Every weekday around 11:30 we try to get outside for an hour or so. Some days, we take along balls or have games/races or somesuch and call it our P.E. time. Some days we go to a playground and swing or play on the playscape. This past Wednesday, we decided to walk down to Riverside Park and have a picnic lunch.

This is the middle level of Riverside Park. We feel so blessed to be within such easy walking distance of such a great park. We come down here often and play among the boulders and trees. It feels so much less urban here and is a perfect spot for a bunch of little boys to explore!

The boys love this large rock formation.

We spread out a quilt on the grass and put Josiah on it. Usually he stays in the stroller when we're on outings, so this was a treat for him. He enjoyed studying the blanket!

Sweet baby!

I think the sun was a little too bright for him here!

Joey kicking around our soccer ball.

More of Joey with the soccer ball.

Joshua posing for the camera while putting in his pocket the penny he found on the rock formation.

Time for lunch! Our menu consisted of PB&J sandwiches (turkey and cheese for Jonathan and Mommy) goldfish crackers, cherries, and apple juice.




Yum, yum!

Everyone look at the camera and say "Cheese!"

Jonathan loves his baby brother!


Jonathan again...

Josiah took an interest in the cherries when the bag was placed near him.

Trying to get those cherries...

Still trying to get those cherries!

What's a picnic without a little "nature." The boys found a slug between the rocks and had to catch it. (I made them put it back...I do NOT need one of these for a pet!)

A squirrel came over and took an interest in one of the baggies that had held a PB&J sandwich.

It was fun to watch him trying to get at the bits of food in the bag, so we decided to sit really still and offer him some goldfish.

He sat about 2 feet from our blanket and nibbled on the goldfish!

We put a bit of Joey's leftover sandwich on this rock (it fell off to the side) and the squirrel came over to get it. The boys lasted through a few minutes of this, then the urge to run and chase the squirrels overcame their ability to sit still. Joey would wait until one got within about 5 feet of us, then jump up shouting and run towards it. Or he would just throw a handful of goldfish at it. Either way, the squirrels didn't get that close to us again!

Sleepy baby! Apparently when you're only 5 months old, laying on a blanket checking out the big, wide world is exhausting business!


Eric said...

Looks like a very fun picnic with the boys enjoying their outdoor time very much. So you didn't want to make escargot?

kathy castor said...

Jen, I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your precious boys. I admire your ability to take five little ones on walking and subway tours of NYC. Thanks for keeping up the blog.
kathy castor

Jenny said...

Thanks, Kathy! It has been easier to get out with all of them than I thought it would be...I just wish there were more subway stations with elevators! Thanks for reading my blog, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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