Saturday, February 6, 2010

Out and About With Jordan

Today Jordan and I went on a little outing together. I wanted to go to the Fashion District to get some ribbon and sewing stuff. Jordan, who calls himself my shopping buddy, volunteered to come along. It helped, of course, that I offered to buy him lunch. He also managed to work stopping for a snack later into the bargain! It was in the mid-20s and windy, but as you can see in the photos, Jordan is getting used to the cold here. I, on the other hand, was a bit more bundled up!

This statue is next to the Fashion District information booth. If I remember correctly, it's at 39th Street and 7th Avenue.

Another angle...I LOVE the huge needle going through a button behind the booth. Also, the info. table inside the booth is shaped like a huge spool of thread. So clever!

Jordan, of course, was all about the food. We decided to eat at a Dunkin Donuts/Taco Bell combo we found. Silly boy sauntered up to the counter and ordered 3 soft tacos and 2 bean burritos! I told him I'd order him one of each, and if he finished that I would order him more. The lady behind the counter was very amused! Jordan ended up eating one taco. That's it. His excuse? The tacos at THIS Taco Bell were MUCH BIGGER than the tacos at all the other Taco Bells he's been to. Um, yeah.

Here he is waiting patiently for his food:


I was much more excited about our snack...cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop, one of the more popular bakeries here in NYC. Cupcakes are apparently the trendy dessert right now. I got a pistachio cupcake and Jordan got a grasshopper...

Posing outside the bakery...he was very offended that I asked him to pose in front of HEARTS!!!

This is one of the trim stores we's enormous and has sooo many different kinds of ribbon, buttons, etc. Too bad it's more expensive than I was hoping...turns out I can do much better on ebay...

After doing our trim shopping, we went to Staples a few blocks away for some stuff for our home school, and then walked to Macy's on 34th Street to see what great clearance deals they had in the men's department...Jeremy was in dire need of some new shirts. Turns out that visit paid off--Jordan helped me pick out several shirts for Jeremy that were marked down from $50-$60 to about $11-$14, then we got an additional 20% off because they were doing some promotion with the American Heart Association and Jordan was wearing red. Sweet! We ended up getting 7 nice new shirts and sweaters for $71. Not a bad deal! That sort of makes up for the fact that someone accidentally left our leftover cupcakes and one of his gloves in the restroom at Staples...

It was fun chatting with Jordan as we went about our day. At one point I told him he was very smart based on something he had just told me, to which he responded:

"Do you think I'm really smart for a 6-year-old?"

(me) "Yes, you are very smart for a 6-year-old!"

(Jordan) "Actually, I think I already know almost everything I'm going to know when I'm a grown up."

(me) "Really?!"

(Jordan) "Yes. Actually, I know things that Daddy doesn't even know!"

(me) "Yeah? What do you know that Daddy doesn't know?"

(Jordan) *pause* "Hmm, I don't remember."

It was hard not to laugh! Gotta love the way their little minds work!

We had fun wandering around together. I can't wait until warmer spring weather when we can all start getting outside and exploring the city again!


Annalia Romero said...

Those cupcakes look WAY too good! I want one. Bad.

Wayne Story said...

It appears that heredity is really working here. Jordan sounds just like Jeremy at this age. When Jeremy finished 1st Grade he explained he didn't need to go back to school any more because he already knew everything he needed to know. He could read, count, add and subtract and spell. That was all he needed.
Granddad Wayne

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