Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's our little sweetie all decked out for Valentine's Day!

I learned two important lessons:

1. Don't try to make a whole outfit the day before it's meant to be worn, especially if you are a very novice sewer and are trying things like applique for the first time! Even after finding out I needed a special needle for knits, I couldn't get it to work out exactly right.

2. Make sure at least one of your daughter's pairs of white tights are clean before the morning you actually intend to put them on her...the pink ones don't exactly work here. Good thing she's so cute, though!

The J-boys had a fun Valentine's Day as well, which basically means they had more sugar than they needed and didn't get in too much trouble for being wild because of it. They enjoyed giving the felt hearts they had made to several ladies at our church, and we went out to lunch with friends and had Thai food, which is a big favorite of the boys. I'd say they had a good day...hopefully they will be ready to get back to their school books tomorrow!


Annalia Romero said...

Cute! She's such a lucky girls to have all of those adoring brothers AND a crafty mom.

Personally, I think tights are pretty useless. It isn't as if they keep anyone's legs warm when it's cold, and yet they make you hot in the summer? Who invented those? We like leggings - they're like a comfy t-shirt for your legs.

Anonymous said...

Another great photo shoot of the cutie patootie! Keep 'em coming! She's growing so fast!

Annalia Romero said...

Locating leggings is pretty random. I guess the gap has a bunch, but I've found them at Wal-mart and Target sometimes has them for $4.

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