Saturday, January 9, 2010

Last Week in Review...Whew!

After a Christmas break that was fun-filled for the younger set and sleep-deprived for the adults, we started back to school last week. Of course, being the list-maker/crazy goal-setter/over-achiever-type that I tend to be, I had extremely high hopes for what we would accomplish. While we didn't quite live up to my expectations, the week went remarkably well!

Joshua, Jonathan, and Jordan all did well on their school work. Jonathan finished up the last lesson in Math-U-See Delta, which means he is now joining Joshua in 5th grade math! Joshua is now scrambling to stay ahead of him, although we have told him that it is NOT A CONTEST! They are so competitive, though! Jordan is becoming quite a proficient reader, and is very excited about his new abilities. Joshua is doing very well in his piano lessons, and is starting to try to play for us so we can sing along. I'm excited to see what progress will be made in all the boys' studies this semester!

Joanna is 7 weeks old today and is such a joy to all of us, although we'd like to hear less from her at 3:00 a.m. She smiles and is starting to make sweet little cooing noises, and when someone coos back, her little face just lights up with the biggest smiles! I'll try to get some more recent pictures of her posted soon!

I've been doing well with my exercising goals. I haven't lost much of my baby weight so far (3 lbs. since the first of the year, with about 27 to go...) but I've been walking almost daily and using Wii Fit several times a week. I can't wait until the weather is nice again and we can get outside more often, but we're doing the best we can to stay active anyway!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Keep 'em coming! Photos, too — looking forward to seeing more of Joanna as she'll develop so rapidly at this stage.

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