Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Introducing...us! :)

Uh, oh! Looks like I'm just a wee bit late to the party! (See the cute little button on the left if you want to know what "the party" is!) That's not too surprising when it also happens to be the day of our big beginning-of-the-month shopping trip, and I've got to complete said trip with small "helpers" in tow!

Well, as I like to say (for FAR too many occasions), "Better late than never!"

So allow me to introduce myself and my fabulous family (not a BIT of bias here!) Those of you who already know me can feel free to skip this, lol!

This is the most recent family photo I have of all of us. We were going to take a cool Christmas card-worthy picture in Manhattan after church one Sunday, but it was raining, windy, and cold so we settled for this one inside--do please ignore the evidence of wind and rain on everybody's hair! :)

I am Jenny, wife of Jeremy and Mom to the 6 precious little people you see above. I am a stay-at-home, home schooling mom who enjoys crafts of all varieties, cooking, gardening, traveling, and having fun with my family. I do not enjoy the cleaning aspect of my job, but I'm working on that!

My husband and I have been married for almost 13 years. Jeremy is the founder and president of a non-profit Christian collegiate ministry. Our "headquarters" if you will are in Austin, TX, but we were called to work with campuses in NYC and the northeast almost 3 years ago. We spent two exciting and challenging years living across the street from Columbia University in Manhattan before moving a little bit upstate for more breathing room and space to run for our going on 7 children. Jeremy commutes to the city, while the rest of us hang out in our little bit of country which we share with two kitties and 21 chickens (so far).

The kiddos...

Joshua is 11 and is our resident history expert. He also knows everything there is to know (okay, tons more than I'll ever know) about WWI and WWII aviation. He loves to invent things and will make a fabulous engineer someday, but he's convinced for the moment that he is meant to be a lawyer--because he's "good at arguing and talks a lot." (His words!)

Jonathan is 10 and is our resident jokester and technology expert. He delights in making everybody around him laugh, and to this day I can't operate half of our electronic gadgets without his help. Usually he helps patiently, lol! He's also very attentive to the needs of the littlest people in the household. While he says he wants to be a scientist when he grows up, he currently spends his excess time and energy trying to convince us of all the reasons why we "need" to buy him an iPad.

Jordan is 7 and is ALL BOY, for better or worse! He loves sports and rough-and-tumble play, and is the only one in our family (thankfully!) who delights in burping as loud and as often as he can, and then laughs hysterically like it's just the funniest thing in the world. He can throw a football like nobody's business, and tells us that someday he's going to be a professional football player--but only on the weekends. During the week he's going to be an artist! :)

Joseph is 5, and is FULL of mischief! He is our little active, bouncy monkey who has figured out the EXACT right moment to turn up the charm--to avoid getting in trouble for whatever he was just up to. He'll be in kindergarten next year, but is learning to read and has an AMAZING memory. He beats all of our socks off in those memory/concentration-type card games, and never lets me forget any "promise" I've made to him.

Josiah will be 3 this Friday, and is still my little cuddle bug. He wakes me up every. single. morning climbing in our bed to snuggle for a bit, which lasts for about 20 minutes before he wants to turn it into a wrestling match! He's also tough and fearless--a bulldog at heart in a three-foot-nuthin' little body.

Joanna is 15 months old, and in spite of all the masculinity surrounding her, is as girly-girl as they come. She adores her Daddy (Da Da is the only word she says with any regularity) and she can usually be found carting around some stuffed lovey or other and giving it lots of hugs and kisses. She is just starting to walk and is so proud of herself--she stands up and then squeals and claps her hands...SO adorable!

So that, in a nutshell, is our (not so) little family!! Feel free to poke around here in my previous posts for more pictures, glimpses into our everyday life, and of course our often crazy adventures! Thanks for stopping by!


Allette said...

I love your introduction Jenny! AND SPECIAL round of Applause for getting 7 out of 8 smiling at the camera! Truly Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Glad to get to know you a bit better. My son is not four yet but also has an amzing memory and knows all the letters and peoples names so I am thinking he will be an early reader too.

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