Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cough, Cough, Sneeze...

I had 3 children under the weather today! I just hate it when my guys don't feel well, poor babies! Jordan started out with a cough yesterday, which has turned into some sort of tummy bug today. Poor kid spent all day on the couch cuddled under a blanket! Jonathan skipped the cough altogether and went straight to the tummy bug...he's much more efficient, that child.

I feel SO BAD for them, but I have to admit I'm glad it's not the least the older boys can reliably make it to the potty before being "sick." Hopefully that doesn't sound too awful of me!

Even Joey spent a good part of the day on the couch. I still can't figure out what actual symptoms of illness that boy has--he didn't seem to actually be sick. But I know something is just. not. quite. right when that child lies quietly for any length of time during the day.

I got online after lunch to look up a recipe at The Pioneer Woman Cooks (love ALL the recipes I've made of hers so far!) and found that she also has a photography blog. Since everyone who was awake was laid out on couches (and therefore not making any trouble) I poked around for a while.

After all, I SO need to learn to actually USE my nifty (and expensive) camera that I convinced Jeremy over a year ago that I just HAD to have. The guilt is starting to set in--I'm basically just using it as a point-and-shoot right now. I could have spent a LOT less and bought an actual point-and-shoot. But I didn't. So I feel obligated to actually learn to use the thing.

About two weeks ago I downloaded the most recent Photoshop Elements trial onto my new computer. The version on my old computer is about 5 years old and waaaay outdated--as in I can't find a "Photoshop Elements For Dummies"-type book that goes with it. My plan is to purchase the newest one, which runs about $80, when the trial runs out. So I'm looking through PW's regular Photoshop tutorials and marveling at all the fun effects that Photoshop does. Naturally I think, "I should look into the full Photoshop instead."

A quick mosey over to the Adobe site reveals its $699.00 price tag. Yikes!! Yep, I think Elements will do me just fine, thank-you-very-much!

At any rate, I'm going to take some time, maybe over the weekend, to dig out my camera manual and play around with some of the settings. I'm aiming for stunning and amazing things. We'll see what actually happens in reality. At least I have some really cute subjects running around here...cute subjects make up for a lot of shortcomings in the actual talent department, after all.

All the little people are sleeping peacefully now. I'm hoping and praying that all are well in the morning, and that the 3 that are currently well STAY well. After a day of quiet resting, I really miss the normal chaos of 6 healthy, boisterous kids running all over the place!

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