Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Operation Stair Navigation

With all this gorgeous spring weather, we are ready to explore the far reaches of the city again!
I’ve been slowly preparing over the past couple months, getting through that new baby period while waiting for spring. Here is my checklist:

  • New double stroller with sun-canopy, rain cover, and nifty strap for Joey to hold? Check
  • 2 saddle bags to hold everything that we might need for a day out? Check
  • Proof that I can carry said stroller up and down the steps into the subway stations? Check
  • A two-year-old who can safely navigate said steps with just the help of an older brother? Oh, pooey!!

Josiah weighs over 30 lbs. He absolutely has to be out of the stroller for me to carry it up and down stairs. But he's never learned to use stairs. The other boys HAD to learn the stairs from the time they were mobile—we lived in a 2-story house with all the bedrooms upstairs. They had the stairs down within weeks of learning to walk. Actually, they were proficient at crawling up and down well before that. But Josiah has never had to use the stairs, so, well, we are NOT there yet!

We have started “Operation Stair Navigation” with little Josiah. While there are no stairs inside our apartment, one of the stairwells for the building is right next to our front door. So we’re practicing a little bit each day. I have high hopes that he will have this new skill down pat sooner than later.

He seems to be enjoying learning this new skill, and big brother Joshua is a patient and attentive helper. The only real problem we're having is that Josiah doesn't understand why we're putting on shoes and leaving the apartment WITHOUT going outside to play!

Don't worry...I'm not going to let him crawl up and down the subway stairs...Ewww!

He's getting there...we'll be everywhere from Battery Park to the Bronx Zoo, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Hudson River, and every place in between again soon!


Linda said...

He'll be running up and down the stairs before you know it. He's a quiet little boy, but I have noticed that he watches everything going on around him. He's a smart cookie!

Annalia Romero said...

Cozy just fingured out going down stairs...but it still scares me!

Anonymous said...

I thought that was Jeremy helping Josiah. Boy, does Joshua look like his dad from the back. He stands just like Jeremy stands. Mom

Annalia Romero said...

your boys sure are looking tall

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