Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Sweet Baby Boy!

In honor of our sweet baby Josiah who so rarely ends up in the photos of our outings, I've decided today to post some recent pictures of him. He is 11 months old now, and getting so big! And we think he is just about the cutest thing ever!

Here is Josiah sitting on the living room floor, being loved on by big brother Joey. Joey loves his baby brother, and hugs him as often as he can! Josiah doesn't always appreciate the love, since Joey is not known for being careful or gentle, but here he is at least tolerating it!

Big boy! I'm not sure what is up with his eyebrow here...he must've gotten into something sticky and rubbed his eye.

Showing off his first two teeth!

Sitting on the couch with Daddy, watching his brothers play Wii. I think he might be getting tired of Mommy, camera in hand, trying to get his attention!

This is from a week or so ago. I had put him in the pack and play in the living room so that I could make lunch. Apparently he was tired. My guess is that he fell asleep sitting up and then plopped forward. Here he is sound asleep, folded in half with his face between is feet. It doesn't look comfy to me AT ALL, but I guess it works for him!

Now to move on to our mischievous little Joey. He disappeared from the lunch table while I was doing something in the kitchen. I found him minutes later in the living room, hiding out (while still eating his PB&J) in this large duffle bag that is usually stored under the sofa. He has that "Oh, no! I've been caught!" look, doesn't he?

He's quite the little ham...

See what I mean?

"Oh, yeah...look what I'm getting away with..."

It's just so hard to resist this cute little face! He really does get away with entirely too much, unfortunately!

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Annalia Romero said...

It's so good to hear from you again! I was starting to worry that New York had eaten you!
Love the heart cookies - what a great idea!

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