Sunday, February 22, 2009

If You Want Something Done Right...

Apparently you've got to do it yourself!!

Hello family and Mommy's internet friends, this is Josiah. I'm the youngest of the bunch here, and I try my very best to be happy and easy going almost all the time. I make very few demands, really, so long as I'm fed several times a day, get my poopies changed, and get plenty of hugs and kisses from my parents and brothers. So I just don't understand why, since I'm so adorable and all, my mommy would walk away from me in the middle of a meal to go get something for someone else in the kitchen!! But look! She left the bowl and that purple spoon thingy WITHIN REACH! She's never done that before! I guess it's time to figure this thing out...I mean a guy's gotta eat, after all... distracted mommy or not!

Hmmm, this sorta works, but most of the good stuff is running down my chin and onto my bib...

Here we go, getting better!

Nope...this definitely doesn't go here!

This end doesn't work very well, either...

I think I'm finally getting the hang of this! Yay!

Look everyone...See food! Get it? See food, sea food...oh, nevermind!

All done! I sure am glad I figured that out! Now next time mommy leaves me mid-meal I won't starve after long as she leaves my food within reach again!

With lots of love and sticky kisses,

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