Saturday, October 11, 2008

We FINALLY Finished Our Fall Pictures!

We finally took the rest of our fall photos! The individual photos I've added to the left sidebar. Here are a couple of the best group shots. Let me tell you--it's sooo hard to get them to all look at the camera and smile at the same time! We were all quite tired of the whole process by the time we got some good ones!

We had a fun afternoon exploring downtown. We walked down Wall Street and showed the boys the New York Stock Exchange building, while trying to explain (on their level) what is going on with the economy right now. We also went to the Winter Garden in the World Financial Center, walked past Ground Zero, and strolled along the river for a bit, visiting the Irish Potato Famine Memorial (which is pretty neat) and a cool playscape as well. It was a busy afternoon! Unfortunately, the camera battery had died while we were taking pictures this morning, so I didn't take any pictures. Jeremy took one of us in front of the stock exchange on his cell phone, so maybe I can get that later! At any rate, I'm sure we'll go downtown again--we had such a great time we can take pictures, too!


G. said...

The pictures look great!

Allette said...

I LOVE your photos! Did you get the new camera you wanted? I LOVE my Canon Digital Rebel XTi. There is a lot of options if you want to go to a digital SLR. The Nikons are awesome, too.

To answer your question on my blog- Caleb is making Audra a custom diaper bag with the Birdie Sling pattern he made my bag with. I would love to make it, but when would I fit it in??? :P

I mapped out my studying for this unit I'm in and it totals over 16 hours! I guess I'll still be eating this elephant one bite at a time for a long while!

Kansas Mom said...

You were strolling in some of my old stomping grounds. The organization I work for is just past the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway. I loved walking past Trinity Church each day from the subway!

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