Monday, October 6, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This is an exciting week for me because I'm going to try a few things I haven't made before! I love to try new recipes! My new recipe days this week are Monday and Wednesday.

Monday--Indian Butter Chicken, naan, rice, steamed broccoli (carried over from Saturday)

Tuesday--Brisket, baked beans, veggies

Wednesday--Broccoli-cheese soup, homemade bread, salad

Thursday--Beef and bean burritos (w/leftover brisket meat) spanish rice, salad

Friday--Chicken enchiladas, salad

Saturday--Baked potato bar

Sunday--Chicken & lentils, salad
Okay, since it's already Monday evening I've already made today's meal, and it was super yummy! We all love Indian cuisine...I'm glad I tried to make it myself!

For more great menu ideas check out Organizing Junkie!


Kansas Mom said...

Do you make your own naan? We used to eat Indian food all the time in NYC, but here in Kansas, good Indian food is rare (if it exists at all).

We do have amazing Thai and Vietamese restaurants not too far away.

Grandma and Peepaw said...

What is naan? You tire me out just reading about the things you do. I am so impressed. You are a great Mom. Your love of cooking isn't something you got from me.

G. said...

Last time you were making chicken curry and so was I and this time you are making chicken and lentil salad and I'm making a Chicken and barley salad! We need to exchange recipes...seems like we like the same things!

Jenny said...

Kansas mom--yes, I made the naan...I used a recipe I found on that was very highly rated. I love allrecipes! We like Thai food, too. I don't think I've had Vietnamese food yet.
Mom, naan is an Indian flat bread. I don't remember growing up whether or not you enjoyed cooking, but I do remember eating well!
G., my chicken and lentils dish isn't a salad...I must've left out a critical comma in there...but I'd love to exchange recipes with you. I just bought some barley and need something to make with it!

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