Friday, March 2, 2012

Inspired by Pinterest -- Cute Ribbon Flower!

Who else is loving Pinterest?!! I love how visual it is...I used to bookmark sites I wanted to return to, but then when looking at a list of bookmarked sites, I never could remember why I had saved it to begin with. Now with Pinterest it's all visual, and categorized, and shareable...what's not to love?

Anyone else find themselves pinning, repinning, and liking tons of stuff but then never finding the time to actually DO the ideas you are pinning? Yep, that's me!! So many great ideas out there, so little time.

So I've decided if I'm going to play on Pinterest, I'm going to take the time to try out some of the recipes, crafts, school ideas, and decor ideas I am finding there. And, of course, I'm going to share them with YOU! :)

Yesterday I tried out a tutorial for a ribbon flower. The original tutorial can be found here. Here is the one I made:

The instructions called for using a wood burning tool and a washer to trace, cut, and seal the ribbon at the same time. While that sounds amazingly cool, I don't own such a tool. So I made do with a thread spool and a pen.

I used 1.5" grosgrain ribbon cut 2" long, and heat-sealed all cut ends with a cigarette lighter.

The instructions weren't specific on how to sew them together, so I ended up sewing it once, taking it apart, and then sewing it again. Turns out it worked better for me starting and ending with the needle on the right (printed) side of the ribbon, instead of coming up from underneath, which is how I did it the first time.

I stacked 3 buttons of different sizes and sewed them onto the middle of my flower.

Then I covered an alligator clip with matching pink ribbon and hot-glued it to the back of the flower.

And here it is in use by the resident girly-girl:

She, of course, loves it. She loves ALL things cute and girly!

Cute, silly girl!!

It was very quick to make, maybe 30 minutes or less. I do like her other bows better, so I don't think I'd make a bunch of these. But it did turn out cute, and was super easy. The site with the tutorial looks like it has a TON of bow-making info. I haven't explored the rest of the site yet, but I will!!

In other random news, did y'all know that March is National Frozen Food Month? I usually take advantage of the great sales on frozen foods and stock up my freezer. While I'll still do that to some degree, I'm also going to celebrate by doing some serious cooking of freezer meals this month.

Last October I made over 30 freezer meals over the course of a week, so that I could relax during the holiday season with about half our our dinners already made. It made life SO MUCH easier! Those meals are now long gone, so it's time to feed the freezer again.

I'm working out plans and menus right now, so that hopefully I can start shopping and cooking next week. Check back later as I'll be sure to share the process (and links to recipes) here!

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Annalia said...

That's pretty dang cute! Hmmm...I don't think I have any big grosgrain ribbon right now, but I may have to get some. :)

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