Thursday, August 5, 2010

Since My Mom Keeps Asking for Pictures...

...Here's our new travel trailer! For those of you who don't know the story, we travel a LOT and now that there are 8 of us, we have to rent 2 hotel rooms every night that we are on the road. After thinking/dreaming about getting an RV for the past several years, we finally bit the bullet so to speak and bought one (at a FABULOUS deal, I might add!) near the end of our recent 2-month road trip. Most of these pictures were taken with my iPhone, so please excuse the grainy picture quality. :)

This first picture is of the bunkhouse, where all 5 of the boys sleep. This was the big selling point for us to get this particular trailer. It has a slide-out on each side of this room, a dinette and couch that both fold into beds, and 2 bunks that fold down from the ceiling. Josh and Jon get the bunks, Joey gets the table bed, and Jordan and Josiah share the couch bed. The built-in dresser in the middle holds ample amounts of clothes, and the lower shelves on either side lift up to reveal storage...toy bins! Yeah!

The table side, with the upper bunk folded down

The couch side, with the upper bunk folded down

Looking from the bunkhouse into the main living area

The bathroom sink is between the bunkhouse and the living area. This is another feature we love...someone can be in the bathroom/shower with the door closed, and others can still wash hands/brush teeth/whatever without waiting for the bathroom.

The kitchen :) It's not much smaller than my Manhattan kitchen. Really.

The living area has a table and sofa in a long slide-out. The two closed doors go into the other bedroom.

Another angle. The table folds into a bed, and the sofa has a fold-out queen air mattress inside. Someday we'll need these!

A view of the kitchen from the other direction, looking into the bunkhouse. The door between them is the bathroom.

And here's the other bedroom, with a queen bed and lots of storage. I hadn't bought sheets/pillows yet when I took these.

All of the boys playing at their table. The upper bunk is folded up here, which gives more headroom at the table. Another huge benefit of having that table in their room is we can all sit at tables for meals. I guess it's not as ideal as all sitting together, but we certainly didn't see any RVs with tables for 8, so this will do just fine!

This is the only picture I have of the outside, taken while we were packing up to leave after 4th of July weekend.

We've used it for about 7-8 nights so far, and I have to say we love it! It's so nice not having to drag everyone and everything into hotels (and pay for 2 hotel rooms), and being able to cook real food instead of driving through McDonald's on the road will do wonderful things for our health! :)

Just in case you're wondering, yes, we added a generator and have already tried out "camping" in a Walmart parking lot, lol! When we're driving cross-country and just need to stop to fix lunch or sleep for the night, that will work nicely! :)

Sorry, Mom, but I don't have any pictures of the van yet. I'll have to work on that!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so cool. I don't think I have ever seen a trailer with two eating areas. How convenient. It is the perfect arrangement for your family. Good job.

Annalia said...

Cool! I bet the boys love sleeping in the bunk room!

Annalia said...

Ok. Where do you keep it when you're home in Manhatten? ...and what do you tow it with?

G. said...

wow, that is so nice! I can imagine it is a lot easier than hotel rooms. It looks very spacious and comfortable. I'm wondering the same thing as Annalia? Where do you keep it when you're in NY?

Jenny said...

LOL! Good question! We store it at a self-storage place in New Jersey. It's about 45 minutes from where we are in Manhattan. We joke about driving it into the city and parallel-parking it in our street to pack it up for a trip, lol. We're pulling it with our new (to us) 12-passenger Ford E-350 van.

Eric said...

Wow, I think that thing is bigger than your apartment! Looks like a lot of fun if you like camping. (To me, camping is when they run out of hot water at the Westin.) Drive carefully! Towed vehicles have a large percentage of accidents. We don't want that! Jeremy, stay off the cell phone while driving!!!!

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