Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Pictures of the Kiddos at the New York Botanical Gardens

Since I spent all of Saturday cleaning, organizing, and prepping for the new school year about to start, and Jeremy and the boys spent Saturday driving around New Jersey picking up Josiah's bed, getting haircuts, and running errands, we promised the boys we would do something more fun on Sunday. We bought a family membership to the New York Botanical Garden back in January when they still had the model trains set up for Christmas (an AMAZING display, by the way!), but we haven't been back since. So, since we have to take full advantage of the memberships we have, that's where we decided to go.

Much to the dismay of my rough-and-tumble boys, I immediately realized that the combination of cute children + fresh haircuts + church clothes + beautiful gardens was a picture opportunity way too good to pass up! So before we let them loose to run around and get dirty, I made them pose for pictures. I think we got some pretty cute ones, and I needed updated pictures badly!

So, without further ado, here they are!

Jordan...posing by this metal frame thing was his idea, not mine. He has decided he wants to be a model, so he "can be the one in the pictures in the haircut book." We'll see, lol!






This one was totally washed out (not sure why) but oh, so cute...so I have to include it!

Smelling the tree, lol!

Joseph being a "crazy man." That's my Joseph!

Happy baby!!!

Trying to get them all to sit still, look at the camera, and SMILE-- all at the same time-- is quite the adventure!

Joseph in the rose garden

Jeremy and Joanna

My precious little princess!
Josiah smelling something again--this time a rose

Joshua peeking out of the gazebo

Jonathan peeking out from the other side

It started to rain about this time, so I took Joanna back to the car (she was hungry anyway) and Jeremy took the boys to the children's garden area where they played and planted sunflower seeds in little pots. Now those little pots are living in my kitchen window, and I've cleaned up several sprinklings of potting soil that keep appearing in the general vicinity. But they all had lots of fun, and that's what matters!

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Anonymous said...

They are really good pictures. When did Joshua start wearing glasses? I had no idea he needed them. They do make him look intellectual, which of course, we already knew that about

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